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Traveling in Time Becomes Possible

Black holes can take people to new dimensions

Moscow State University professor Dmitry Goltsov has recently announced about the sensational possibility to travel in time. Cosmologists discovered a new dimension that prejudiced Einstein's theory of relativity. The three-dimensional model is not actual anymore. Cosmologists believe, one may travel in time through black holes with the help of a time machine. The machine will be moving from one black hole to another, which will allow it to travel either to the relative future or the relative past. It will be easy to return to our times too. Yet, it is not known, to which extent the theory is correct - the time machine has not been invented yet.

The time machine has been a very popular subject for science fiction writers for decades. Yet, it is generally believed that the idea is absolutely unreal, on one has ever dreamed about it seriously. However, scientists start talking about such a possibility already now.

Russia's most outstanding cosmologist Valery Rubakov is the nation's youngest academician - he is 48 years old. The academician cannot travel in time, although he travels a lot in the real world. He spends most of his time abroad, as a lot of Russian talented scientists do. Valery Rubakov usually comes to Moscow in Indian summer - his favorite time of the year. The academician commented on Dmitry Goltsov's statement.

Modern physics does not exclude the existence of other dimensions in the world besides the three known ones. Einstein's classic theory of relativity does not work well at an ultra-small distance. According to Einstein, all forces are aimed toward infinity at a nucleus radius distance. The gravitation theory should be modified. The only way out is to make gravitation become quantum. It is justifiable from the philosophical point of view: if the entire substance possesses quantum properties and interacts with gravitation, it means that gravitation is of quantum nature. The graviton particle turns out to be the unit of gravitation field radiation.

This does not make a revolution, though. There is a theory of superstrings, which has been winning more and more followers of late, although a lot of Russian academicians think it is nonsense. The modern quantum theory of field takes a one-dimensional spot as an "elementary" object. In the superstrings theory, this object is a two-dimensional string. If photons and gravitons exist, the stable theory of the Universe can be formed only with the help of the superstrings theory, no matter how doubtful it might seem. The superstrings theory admits the existence of absolutely weightless null mass particles.

It is the superstrings theory that gives a possibility to imagine the world without contradictions. However, the theory can be built without contradictions only in the nine-dimensional space. People do not see other dimensions because they probably exist in the form of ultra-small rings, the size of a nucleus. Another version says that a particle is supposed to have a super-strong power to break away beyond conventional dimensions. Only a black hole could create such incredible conditions - it is possible to move to another dimension through a black hole.

Such experiments are currently being held in the USA, although there has not been any results achieved yet. Academician Rubakov stressed, it was going about ultimate particles. A more complicated object, not to mention a human being, would be smashed in a black hole. The superstrings theory is serious, although it seems fantastic.

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