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Kyoto Protocol Is Not Worth a Thing - 19 October, 2002

The ecologists, who watch  the situation with the global climate, have been recently shocked with a piece of news from the UN intergovernmental committee. The committee stated that the economic losses of the humanity  double every ten years due to the global warming.  It was also said that the economic losses would reach $150 billion  during the coming decade.

Why was that information shocking? Studying the climate on planet Earth with the help of scientific methods proves that the so-called greenhouse effect can not actually be found. World leaders of 156 countries gathered for a conference back in 1992 in Rio. They signed  the convention for the climate change. This document  was then turned to the well-known Kyoto protocol of 1997.

The world community was deeply concerned about the global warming of the climate. It was even decided to limit the emission of the so-called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in order to cool the planet.

This  trouble is coming from the Russian Arkhangelsk region. This region is celebrated for its wonderful results in the implementation of the Kyoto protocol. There has been a briefing held there recently to discuss  the climate questions. Young ecologist Alexander Shalarev  dared to say the thing, which Moscow scientists were afraid to say. He declared that there was actually no greenhouse effect at all. Shalarev added that the Kyoto protocol  was simply a far-fetched idea, a political action that was meant to show the “care” for the climate of the Earth.

The young ecologist believes that the Kyoto protocol was signed without a deep scientific analysis  of the climate issue. The Kyoto protocol was basically singed and promoted on the ground of political goals of the American democratic administration (as it was back in those days). America used to love grand ecological problems with the maximum participation of the federal government in them. As soon as the US administration became a republican one,  the USA refused from  the ratification of the Kyoto protocol.

The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta has recently published  an article that was written by two  Russian climate scientists, Sergey Dobrovolsky and Vyacheslav Naydenov. The article was called “The Warming That Never Existed.” Here’s what they wrote.

“Pursuant to the Kyoto protocol, the level of emission that was permitted for the period of 2008-2012 made up 100% for Russia and 93% for the USA (vs.1990). Russia’s carbon dioxide emission  in 1990 was maximum. It made up 540 million tons. Nowadays, Russia emits 400 million tons. Thus, there is an opportunity to  talk about selling the quotas  for the emission of industrial gases for $30 - $50 per ton.  This can allegedly bring a lot of profit.

“We would like to mention that the Kyoto protocol  was formally based on the fundamental research of the Intergovernmental committee for climate changes. Thousands of world’s most respectable scientists took part in that research. However, neither the conclusions of the research, nor science as it is  can support the measures of the Kyoto protocol. The document particularly runs that industrial emissions (greenhouses gases) were the main reason of the negative influence on the global climate system. However, the report of the intergovernmental climate change committee stated another conclusion. It was said there that the results of the up-to-date climate research could not be considered as convincing evidence to prove the cause-and-effect relation between the man-caused affect and the changes of the surface temperature on the Earth.

“One shall assume that the scientific opinion on the subject has not changed much since the signing of the Kyoto protocol. The Climate Change report of the year 2001 did not present any convincing evidence to prove  the man-caused  reasons for the global temperature changes over the recent ten years. The biggest part of the  global temperature raise of 0.6 degrees happened  during the period 1910 – 1945 (temperature was raised by 0.53 degrees). Industrial emissions were not that large back in those years. However,  according to the greenhouse theory, the temperature on the planet should  have raised  during the last decade of the past century. We would like to point out another important factor.  It is not really possible to fix  the man-caused greenhouse effect  without a profound research and observations. The quantity of the warmth that is needed to warm up the atmosphere by one degree  is three times as less as the quantity of the warmth that goes into space due to the emanation from the upper levels of the atmosphere.”

Young ecologist from the Russian Arkhangelsk region Alexander Shalarev has actually expanded the scientific opinion. First of all,  is the atmosphere getting warmer? No global changes of the troposphere temperature have been registered since the start of the satellite surveillance.  Secondly, are climate forecasts reliable and trustworthy? There was a special alternative ecological movement  formed in America, which was called “The True State of the Planet.” The people of that movement treated all those forecasts as absolutely useless work. Alternative ecologists doubted about the conclusions from official intergovernmental bodies, saying that the scientific research rejects the existence of the greenhouse effect.

As a matter of fact, the ecological scandal that started in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia is likely to grow on and on.

Andrey Mikhailov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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