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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Mysterious Footprints Appear Again

Is it possible that huge sea turtles can live thousands of kilometers from the sea?
A member of the Kosmopoisk research organization reported investigation of Turtle Lake after he returned from a trip about Mongolia at the beginning of 2004. Old legends and contemporary witnesses state that lines of footprints left by some big animal appear on the legendary lake shores once a year, at the end of summer as a rule. The footprints resemble those of a turtle, but really huge ones: some footprints are 1 meter wide (ordinary turtles have footprints 30-40 centimeters wide). Biologists say that turtles of this huge size do not exist on land at all. Is it possible that huge sea turtles can live thousands of kilometers from the sea? Remoteness of the steppe lake does not allow determining to what creatures the footprints may belong.

Soviet biologists described the strange footprints of huge turtles for the first time in the 1980s. Though many people chanced to see lots of fresh turtle footprints in the mornings, nobody has ever noticed the lake creatures. It was planned to have night vigils with night vision equipment, but the breakup of the Soviet Union frustrated the plans. Now, in about twenty years, Kosmopoisk has confirmed the turtle footprints issue is not yet investigated. So, biologists are highly likely to further investigate the mysterious huge footprints.

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