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Spirit of Printing Pioneer Intimidates Museum Officials

The chronicle says that monk Ivan Fyodorov was buried over 400 years ago in the wall of the Saint Onufry monastery in Lvov
Officials of the Ancient Books Museum in the Ukrainian city of Lvov say that the spirit of printing pioneer Ivan Fyodorov haunts the museum, RIA Novosti reports with reference to ICTV, the private Ukrainian TV channel.

The chronicle says that monk Ivan Fyodorov was buried over 400 years ago in the wall of the Saint Onufry monastery in Lvov. In 1972, archeologists discovered some burial place belonging to the late 15th century, however it was not proved that those were remains of Ivan Fyodorov.

Researches of the remains lasted for several years. But the coffin was not taken back to the monastery. Today it is kept in the building of the Ancient Books Museum in Lvov.
Director of the Museum's department of old Ukrainian books Larissa Spasskaya tells that watchmen were the first to complain of some man walking about dark rooms at night and coughing. The director of the museum department tells that once a prayer-book fell in broad daylight and opened at the page with burial prayers. This may be interpreted as the demand of the spirit of the printing pioneer to let his remains rest in peace. Researchers say that the remains may be buried in a special sarcophagus that may be unsealed from time to time for special examinations. The clergy from the Saint Onyfry monastery do not object to re-burial of the remains of Ivan Fyodorov in the walls of the monastery.
Ivan Fyodorov is the famous printing pioneer in Ukraine and Russia. In 1564, together with Pyotr Mstislavtsev he published the first printed book, The Apostle. Later, he worked in Belarus and Ukraine. In 1574, the printing pioneer published the first Cyrillic Azbuka (Alphabet) and a new version of The Apostle. In 1580-1581, being in jail Ivan Fyodorov published the first complete Slavic Bible. The man is also known as a gunmaker; he was the inventor of a multi-barrelled mortar.

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