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Life Again Discovered on Mars?

NASA's experiments failed and the Agency declared that Mars was a waste planet 
Information about life discovered on Mars in 1976 has been recently once again published in the scientific world. Ex-participant of the 1976 Viking mission to Mars Gilbert Viking says he has lots of evidence to prove this fact.

In 1976, the whole of the world was shocked with the first successful landing of the Viking-1 orbiter on Mars. Biologic experiments held by the flying aircraft detected some strange activity in the Martian soil, as if microbes evolved gas. NASA held more experiments searching for organic matter to further announce that the mission discovered extraterrestrial life. The experiments failed, that is why the Space Administration reported that Mars was a waste planet.

Gilbert Levin, one of the organizers of the life searching experiments, never gave up the idea that Viking-1 had discovered living microbes in the Martian soil. Since that very time the scientist has been running experiments; he studied more documented evidence concerning the Viking-1 mission and other researches. Recently, Levin published a work proving that life had been actually discovered on Mars in 1976. He says that more and more evidence is coming to light that may settle the dispute concerning life on Mars once and for all.

Gilbert Levin says that instruments used at Viking-1 to analyze presence of organic life in the Martian soil were insensitive. They required millions of microorganisms to identify presence of organic life on the red planet. The scientist designed another device that required only 50 microorganisms to detect life; however, leaders of the American and European space agencies have evinced no interest in the new instrument yet.  The information was reported by NTR.Ru.

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