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Meteorite of a Football Size Discovered in Morocco

The unearthly origin of the find is proved by its crystal structure
A large meteorite has been discovered near the city of Oujda to the north-east of Morocco. Local mass media reported on Thursday that the meteorite's weight was 22 kilograms. The size of the meteorite is a bit less than a football. 

A geological center in Oudja has evinced extremely high interest in the find. A great part of the meteorite, about two thirds of it, is brown (when the find was discovered this very part was stuck into the surface; a smaller part of the meteorite is black, Russia's news agency ITAR-TASS reports.

The unearthly origin of the find is proved by its crystal structure and slight oval-formed specks of iron and magnesium.  

Experts estimate that the meteorite dropped on the planet's surface not less than 10 years ago, but the exact period of the drop is to be determined after a thorough analysis. This analysis requires at least a year; after that the meteorite will be exhibited at one of the national museums for public expositions.  

All meteorites are divided into finds and drops; finds are such meteorites which falling was not observed. Their belonging to meteorites is estimated by the substantial analysis of their structure.   

Majority of meteorites in museums and private collections are discoveries. As stone meteorites can be mistaken for earth rocks, they often remain unnoticed. The percentage of stone meteorites among the finds is lower than among the drops.

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