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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Experiments Prove: Laughter is Best Anti-Allergen

Laughter is wonderful protection for the immune system
Japanese scientists have proved that laughter, positive emotions and even disposition cope with allergy as well as strong anti-allergens. They conducted an experiment: 30 women allergic to domestic dust were injected an allergen. All of the women immediately broke out in a rash, started sneezing and rubbed their eyes that turned red.

The women were then divided into two groups: the first one was shown the best world comedies while the second group was told sad stories about catastrophes. Those who laughed at funny situations in the comedies suffered from weaker reaction to the allergen and others didn't react to the allergen at all.

But those who sympathized with people who suffered as a result of catastrophes and tragedies were still sneezing and rubbing the eyes. Thus, the experiment proved that laughter is wonderful protection for the immune system.

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