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Georgian 1-year-old kid weighs 26 kg

1-year-old candidate for the Guinness Book of Records lives in Georgia.

 His name is Luka Meleksishvili. The child is only a year and three months old and he already weighs 26 kg! (usually 6-7-year-old children weigh this much). Luka is absolutely healthy and is not a troublemaker.

Luka's mother informed the journalists that her son was born was born normal weighing 3kg 900 grams. However, he began developing at a fast pace. The boy gained 2 kg every month.

His parents were fearful of the fact that Luka will never be able to walk as a result of being overweight. However, the kid started to walk at 1. What appears to be the main problem for his parents these days is to find proper shoes for their child. It is practically impossible to find appropriate shoes for Luka's chubby feet. As for clothes, the child has no problems borrowing shirts from his 10-year-old brother.

Luka's parents intend to sign their son up for swimming classes.

Nowadays, they consider an offer to use Luka in meat/diary commercials.    

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