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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Centipede is the Most Ancient Land Creature

Now scientists have to review their opinion about the origin of life on this planet
Amateur fossil hunter Michael Newman from Scotland discovered fossil remains of a centipede aged 420 million years on a beach close to Stoneheaven, north-eastern Scotland. The age of the centipede is 20 million years earlier than scientists supposed breathing surface creatures first appeared.

Researchers from the University of Yale and the National Museum of Scotland studied the fossil and admitted that now they have to review their opinion about the origin of life on this planet.

The new ancient creature is smaller than a human nail; it was called Pneumodesmus Newmani after the hunter who found it. The Daily Telegraph reports that the man himself is not so much surprised with the sensational discovery. He says that any land creature with legs that may be discovered now is ancient and important. Scotland has better Paleozoic, pre-Triassic and pre-dinosaur localities than Russia and the US put together.

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