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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Sound Helps Drying Things

The new method reduces power inputs by 1.5-2 times
A sonic towel, a construction for acoustic drying of materials was created in the Institute for Theoretic and Applied Mechanics in the Russian Academy of Sciences. When some wet article, a piece of wood for example, is placed into the device and processed with a sound-wave, the water gets extracted from the article.

The siren of the sound-wave is good for wood; its structure and quality do not get worse. This characteristic of the newly created device is important for drying materials and articles that may deteriorate after traditional heating. For instance, the new method is good for drying agricultural products such as grains, vegetables and fruit; for valuable sorts of wood, medicines and herbs, paper, cotton, etc.

The sound inside of the device is very loud, but almost nothing can be heard from the outside; the designers made a special jacket especially for noise protection. At that, the new "acoustic cold squeezing" device is a rather simple construction. It helps reduce quantitative losses while drying some materials. As compared with the traditional way of drying by heating, the new method reduces power inputs by 1.5-2 times.
It is expected that the first industrial device for drying of materials will be launched this year.

Vecherny Novosibirsk