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Soldier of Fortune. This is no fantasy

How will the Soldier of Fortune look like?

Personal  name card of lieutenant colonel Wolfgang Althoff dressed in camouflage reads: “Technical perfection group of infantry division.” Senior officer Althof teaches in infantry school in Hammelburg. He has kindly agreed to be our guide and tell us about technological innovations in the sphere of rearmament of Bundeswehr (The German Armed Forces). Germans can fight really well; who knows this better than us?! Today, we will answer the following question: How they will do it? Most importantly, what for?

The answer is as simple as a Kalashnikov machinegun. It is most likely that the German professional army will have to withstand small rebel and terrorist groups in a not so distant future. Their tactic resembles that of typical bandits, yet it is practically flawless and practically flawless. It was developed by “the leader of world's proletariat” V. I. Lenin. As it is known, he himself had implemented it back in 1905.

The technique proved to be quite successful in our country as well as abroad. Its followers fell in love with the “kind grandpa” Lenin to such extend that many of them named their kids after him. One of the most well-known “Red” terrorists calls himself Ilyich Sanchez Ramirez, who is also known as Carlos the Jackal.

Similarly to their civilian colleagues, military masterminds could be wrong. Nevertheless, it should be noted  that there has not been a single resistance for more than half a century that would have somewhat resembled that of the Kursk Arch. And this is despite the fact that somewhat major military conflicts take place regularly on our planet. Take for instance Vietnam, the Maldives and the Sinai peninsula.  Individual terror has been considered the best of tactics in the beginning of past century as well as in the beginning of the present century. Shakhid belt has turned to be more effective than the entire armada of aircraft carriers. Personnel needs to be protected – this is the main task of all headquarter chiefs of any army. What awaits us ahead is a soldier who has to withstand an armed psycho. This soldier needs to survive.

A new concept of rearmament is called “MOUT” in German slang. It refers to Military Operations in Urban Terrain. The program began its development since late 80s in the countries of NATO. In the US however, such program bares the title of Land Warrior; English people use another abbreviation: FIST (Future Infantry Soldier Technology).

Single-breasted camouflage cloak to protect against all types of hazardous, chemical and biological substances (for both seasons: summer and winter).

Starting from 2004, every servicemen of the bundeswehr will be equipped with a new helmet with built-in microphone enabling direct connection the division’s commander. Another innovation involves anti-splinter goggles that were designed specifically to protect eyes from erupted hand grenades.

The soldier’s left shoulder is equipped with an antenna. It enables him to activate the system of self-navigation. This will also provide field commanders with accurate information regarding the soldier's whereabouts. Radio station equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) allows for this system to work with utmost precision.

Bunderswehr uses modernized machinegun G36 (made by “Hekler & Koch”) with 5,56mm caliber with a grenade cup discharge located under the barrel; it is also equipped with laser sight, which allows for more accurate shooting. Modified optical sight along with a night vision device will be added to the standard armament of an infantrymen. Modified bullet proof vest, made of ceramic plates, will be 2 kilos lighter than the previous model “Bristol”. It will be capable of withstanding a gun blow (9 caliber) as well as machinegun blow (7,62 caliber).

Gas mask is equipped with special water supply device. Liquid comes through a 2liter backpack located in the back. No more of old soldier’s flasks!

According to lieutenant colonel, some of the weaknesses of all the cool gadgets have to do with the system of power supply.  For they often discharge when they are most needed. Specialists are working on developing new energy carriers such as sunlight, body heat as well as the energy produced with movement. 

Igor Bukker