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Russian scientist warns of another major tsunami

Russian scientist Evgeny Dolginov has warned of a series of yet another wave of major earthquakes to hit the countries situated within the equatorial zone.

“I would like to warn the countries situated in close proximity to the equator about the possibility of major quakes in that area,” stated professor at the Russian People's Friendship University, director of geological-mineral sciences Evgeny Dolgivov.

“According to my theory, there exist latitudinal lineaments (cracks of the earth's core),  which pose potential danger in terms of seismic activity. If we are to follow equatorial crack westward of South East Asia, we could expect rather serious seismic cataclysms in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Gabon,” informed the professor.

According to him, earthquakes are also likely to hit equatorial countries of South America. Southern part of Ecuador and the islands in close proximity to it will be most susceptible to the quake. Should the sea quake occur, the wave can easily cover the entire southern part of Colombia, Ecuador and northern part of Peru, noted Dolginov Ph.D.

Dolginov has come up with a new theory of latitudinal lineaments, which according to the professor, had emerged during earth's early stages of development, reports “Interfax”.
Such cracks tend to become seismically active from time to time. In a place where such cracks intersect seismically active zones (i.e. meridian), these zones become most dangerous in regards to earthquakes. This was exactly what happened in South-East Asia, considers the scientist.

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