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America's Most Hated Sports

Among other sports that are less interesting for the audience go those supported by sponsors
Opinion polls on popularity of this or that kind of sports are frequently conducted in the USA. However, there is little known about opinion polls on America's most hated sports. As it turns out, Americans dislike cruelty in sports events.

This is the reason why 81 per cent of the respondents say dog fighting is the most unpopular sport. The poll was conducted by Sports Marketing Group with the headquarters stationed in Atlanta. But what about the rest 19 per cent?

Wrestling, the kind of sport which is known in Russia as well, is the second unpopular sport in the USA. Americans explain that they dislike this kind of sport because of its falseness. In particular, people do not like when muscled men and women stuffed with anabolic steroids deliver crushing blows against each other but still remain safe and sound.

Corrida goes third among America's unpopular sports. In fact, majority of Americans haven't seen corrida themselves, they just know about it from stories by Ernest Hemingway or from Mexican or Spanish TV translations. Professional boxing goes fourth in the rating as 31.3 per cent of the respondents say they do not like the sport. 

Among other sports that are less interesting for the audience go those supported by sponsors which in its turn means athletes in this case are paid more than they deserve. These are men and women's golf, European football, tennis and NASCAR races. About 27 per cent of Americans say that these kinds of sport are not really attractive.

Even though all of the above mentioned sports have their ardent fans, they at the same time enjoy the dislike comparable to those which people have toward politicians. Many Americans love one of the planet's best golf players Tiger Woods but they hate the fact that golf is the sport for people with much money. The information was provided by Telesport.Ru with reference to

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