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Book Review: Der Voron's "Starcraft"

”Starcraft” by Der Voron opens with a little-known close encounter of the pre-Roswell era
During the Battle of Kursk in July 1943, Lt. Gennadi Zhalaginov of the Soviet Red Army spotted "a dark egg-shaped object that appeared above our (artillery) battery" and "rushed by at great speed; its middle part pulsated." Der discusses some of the best-known UFO incidents and spends some time on "the UFO crashes," notably the Kalahari Desert event of 1989 and the capture of the seven aliens at Varginha, Minas Gerais state, Brazil on January 20, 1996.

In Chapter 4, Der identifies and provides drawings of 31 models of extraterrestrial (ET) "starcraft," including classic saucers, spherical objects, egg-shaped objects, elongated cylinders, Saturn-shaped objects, toy-like tops and even a vimana straight out of the Hindu Mahabharata. In Chapter 5, he outlines theories of what constitutes a UFO "powerplant" -- portable fusion reactors and energy capacitors. Der's book is very well-written and has the unique quality of appealing to both the first-time reader and the long-time "saucer buff." This is a very handy book to have, if ever you spot an unusual object in the daytime sky and want to find out what
it is.

Review by Joseph Trainor, editor at UFO RoundUp publication

ISBN: 1591297389
Publisher: PublishAmerica, 1-877-333-7422

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