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Crop Circles: Who needs them?

A recent documentary about mysterious crop circles aired on "ORT" along with several publications in Russian newspaper "Arguments and Facts" once again begin to stir up the media. The latter mentions an interesting "version of one biophysicist from Krasnoyarsk". Interestingly, I first reported my point of views on "Pravda.Ru"'s website. Later, the information became known in various media sources abroad. 
What saddens me the most is the fact that Russians continue being exposed to the nonsensical information about the extraterrestrial. In reality, such facts pertain to an absolutely different topic. Today, I am willing to return to my previous topic and reveal certain facts.  
A famous book "Crop Circles. The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times" by English author Lucy Pringle contains an interesting chapter entitled "Isn't it really a secret activity?" It reads, "In July of 1990, Russian woman Lidia from Siberian town of Krasnoyarsk discovered an oval-shaped object lying in the grass…" Later, L. Pringle criticizes Siberians' opinions regarding the results of some secret experiments. She also remarks that "Krasnoyarsk used to be a restricted territory for foreigners up until 1991." (L.Pringle, “Crop Circles. The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times”, Thorsons, 1999)
It was precisely during those times (late 80s) that I was working with one co-operative organization. Entitled "Informational processes," the organization had a rather interesting business. They offered kolkhoz (Russian farm) directors to expose their fields for laser x-rays. They even provided references to various reliable sources that supported such exposure to laser as a positive factor contributing to the overall crop productivity increase. As surprising as it may seem, but such business proved to be quite profitable in the region.
Needless to say that such "lasering' of fields served as a mere abstractive legend used to conceal some secret technologic developments. This will be the topic of our further discussion.
A crop circle is in fact an ancient phenomenon. It is a result of scantily studied process dealing with atmospheric electricity. There exists a special term in electrical engineering -"glow discharge." The term resembles a similar incident where quite lightning along with condensation occurs on rye or ear fields. The stems accumulate the charge. Now, let me describe the actual mechanism of such process.
Obviously, there has to be some kind of force that pushes stems to the ground. How? In a crop circle, stems are bent in a spiral, as a result of a vertical air flow. Air needed to be lifted in order to result in such vertical air flow. Air begins moving upward only when it heats up. Therefore, there had to be temperature increase at a certain point which later had moved upward after coming in touch with cool air from the sides. So what about the stems? Well, the stems heat up as a result of soil temperature increase. As a result, those stems loose their firmness and bend easily.
Today, there appear quite harmless yet rather mysterious crop circles world wide. After examining the actual mechanism of such crops, someone decided to use it for their own reasons. Obviously, modern technology enables people to create practically anything. Beginning from late 80s, there appeared numerous circles on multiple fields across the world.    
How can one heat up the soil from afar? Everyone is aware of microwave ovens. Besides, there have already been reports about newly designed “weapon” aimed at scaring away naughty demonstrators. The device is aimed at a person’s face and heats up the skin. Today, the only question concerns the way such beam will be able to reach quite distant territory.
After publishing my recent article "Aliens are nothing! Transnational corporations draw crop circles," I have received numerous e-mails and letters from interested readers. Extraterrestrial lovers however do not accept such stand point. They pose a reasonable question, "why would any transnational corporation be interested in creating such circles and therefore perplexing people?"
In the beginning I used to think that it all was just a mere joke of wealthy Satanists. Recent events however make me to address a more educated assumption. Media has already informed us about mysterious human face that appeared on one of the fields in Britain. Another incident occurred a year later not far away from the initial location. It was an alien's face, similar to the one often depicted in books.   
My friends are specialists in advertising and PR. They could not stop laughing after seeing such pictures. They claimed that all of those "messages" appeared to be of human origin. One might imagine that there exists a reason (perhaps an advertising move of some sort) behind all this mysticism.
Perhaps, there exists a more global reason behind all this. Perhaps, people are intentionally trying to make alien existence a reality in order to persuade people of some revolutionary ideas. Besides, many of the "drawings" resemble a revolutionary perspective in scientific development. In other words, people might think that it is extraterrestrial intellect that transfers its valuable data to us. Whereas in reality, it might all be created by humans.    
As for me personally, I think that the whole deal about crop circles is nothing but an evil game played by "financial gods." New Russians for instance have plenty of money to spare. They buy elephants, golden toilets and what not. Western billionaires have their own weirdness. They also like to confuse the public. 

Pavel Poluyan,
Exclusively for Pravda.Ru

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