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Unique Russian woman talks to animals, communicates with the dead and reads people’s minds

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Unique Russian woman talks to animals, communicates with the dead and reads people’s minds

Galina Karpova claims to have eavesdropped on the dolphins. She found out that all pregnant female dolphins were flocking over the bottom geysers of the Barents Sea. Karpova also communicated with the ants to learn the alcove secrets of the ant megalopolises. One day a ferocious dog confronted her in a dark alley. She managed to calm him down and escaped unscathed.

Heard it from a doggy

Galina Karpova is one of the few who can talk to the animals. She can also communicate with the dead, read minds and locate missing objects across great distances. Her special abilities have been certified with the degree of Doctor of Sciences awarded by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Karpova successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at public viva.

Some time ago a Japanese TV crew arrived in her home and talked her into communicating with animals for the benefit of their cameras. The Japanese requested that Karpova show her talents at the Durov Theater of Animals, in Moscow. Karpova showed up at the venue as agreed. She looked skeptically at the animals penned at the theater. It was obvious to her that the animals trained to react to two or three commands had long become unaccustomed to inaudible intellectual conversations.

Finally, Karpova paused near a doghouse holding three nondescript dogs infested with fleas. The dogs have been decommissioned due to old age. Karpova showed special interest in one of them, the 14-year-old walleyed creature. The Japanese were apparently disappointed at her choice – the quirky lady handpicked the most miserable specimen out of hundreds of impressive animals available at the theater. The TV people asked Karpova to change her mind and use some other animal for the experiment. But she was adamant. “It’s her who wants to share her grief with me,” said Karpova.

According to Karpova, the dog’s story ran like this: the dog used to perform at the ring alongside her trainer. Then her trainer passed away. The dog could have ended up in a slaughterhouse if the other trainer, the best friend of her master, had not intervened in the situation. The dog reportedly told the name of her savor to Karpova. The other trainer was in her sixties, and spent most of her time at home.

After filming the experiment at the theater, the meticulous Japanese made arrangements for an interview with the old trainer. They met with the veteran performer and asked her several questions regarding the dog’s story obtained telepathically by Karpova. The Japanese were astounded to hear the story retold word by word by the old trainer.

Conversing with Mendeleyev

Galina Karpova is confident that there is no such thing as death. She says her ability to talk to the dead forms the foundation of her confidence. The personality of a human being is transported into the other world after his heart stops beating. The other world is inaccessible to the majority of the living yet its subtle vibrations can be felt by some extremely sensitive consciousness. Karpova says she is endowed with this sort of consciousness.

Karpova published several books and booklets containing transcripts of her conversations with such outstanding historical personalities as Tsiolkovski, Mendeleyev, and Lenin. The works could have easily qualified for a case history of the patient Karpova.

Below is an opinion of Professor Fedor Turenko, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, doctor of chemical sciences:

“By my request Karpova conducted a few communication sessions with Dmitry Mendeleyev. She asked him several questions, which I’d formulated beforehand. The questions were specifically designed to obtain irrefutable evidence that answers were conveyed by Mendeleyev himself. The great scientist provided most valuable information, which could have enriched our science. During the sessions, Galina put down chemical terms pertinent to Mendeleyev’s answers, and at times she had no idea what those terms stood for. But their meaning was quite clear to me. She managed to put down four fundamental laws while communicating with the chemical genius. Scientists have yet to appreciate the importance of the laws. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to appreciate them at the moment since 70%-80% of all the scientists are incapable of perceiving the way by which this sort of information is obtained. Mendeleyev specifically indicated that all the details concerning information relayed through Karpova were available in his works, which have been kept in the archives of the Russian Academy of Sciences for more than a hundred years. Apparently, nobody has bothered to analyze those works so far. Mendeleyev also made references to certain present-day scientific publications. He even mentioned specific pages at times. I checked up those publications: every reference was perfectly relevant to given subject. I believe the results of the sessions prove convincingly that those in the other world are abreast of things occurring in the land of the living.”

Don’t be afraid of the dead

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