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Men at 40 Indulge in Their Follies

At the age of 40 men experience something similar to woman's menopause
Psychologists say that on average every married man at the age of 43-50 gets married one more time. At that, almost half of them were actually faithful to their wives during the family life. The information was obtained by psychologists from developed countries. They call the phenomenon a crisis of forty years. 

Why do men abandon their wives, children, apartments and habitual comfort? Sometimes they also have to part with the habitual circle of friends. Over 50 percent of them marry women who are 15-20 years younger, others change partners very often. Statistics reveals that Russian men who abandon their families prefer to marry even younger women than European and Americans do.

On the whole, the society tolerantly treats the folly of the 40-year-old men. However, there is an opinion saying that "the revolt of 40-year-old men" is a male variant of climacteric, a reaction of the organism to serious hormonal changes (this has been confirmed by several facts already). But still majority of scientists treat it as a psychological phenomenon first of all. They say fear is the reason why men behave so. Men start realizing that the life is passing by, that they will never experience anything new and unusual, that they are inevitably getting old. Certainly these ideas result in latent neurosis.

One of the easiest and the most effective methods to overcome the fear is to create some kind of an illusion of youth and to marry a young woman. It is interesting that first two years of this new life actually help men to give up the fear of getting old. Their sexual activity increases 4-5 times. But unfortunately, the emotional and physical enthusiasm is usually very brief in this situation. Men suffer from symptoms of physical and psychological emaciation already in 2-3 years. In fact, men get tired of the active mode of living they have.

Statistics reveals that over 60% of new marriages and alliances between men at the age of 43-50 and young women split. Just exactly at that moment such men repent having abandoned their families. Some of them are forgiven by their first wives and get back, but there are just few men who are that lucky.
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