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Russian and American, the quiet detente, Part Three

Another site that has caught my attention is “A Pretty Woman”, and they too can be classified as one of the “good guys”.
One question that was posed to me is what criterion I use to decide what sites to talk about and what sites I do not talk about.  That’s a simple question and has a simple answer – I sent out e-mails to every site I could find, those that responded to my e-mails are the ones who drew my attention.  I also do some background checking to see if there is any negative information about them out there in cyber world. A Pretty Women is owned by Stephen Lang and has been in business since 1994. With 10 years of experience, A Pretty Woman is well established in the agency business and one does not stay in business if one runs a marginal agency. I have not known Steve as long as I have Elena, but from the first letter, I like him – he’s straight forward, to the point, and professional.  His site is easy to navigate and that is important to someone who is looking for that ‘right one’.   I went out to his site, and looked around – I even tried his search facility, talk about impressive.  You can target search on a number of criteria – everything from hair color, to location, to religion, to age, and you can do a search by using your own age as a criteria.  One must remember that age difference is not that big of an issue with overseas girls and using Steve’s search by your age, you will get every girl who has listed their criteria as “age up to”.  This small additional touch gives a person a wider selection of women who have the same basic interests.   The full context of Steve’s letter to me is:“A Pretty Woman was started in 1994 by Stephen Lang. It was started in Florida USA and is still an American owned company, however, today; most of the day to day operations are done in Kiev, Ukraine. Probably the most interesting and satisfying thing about the business is when we succeed in matching couples. When we get thank you letters from our clients describing their experiences, their engagement, or their wedding, no amount of financial compensation can satisfy us as much as knowing that we played an instrumental role in helping these couples succeed. Many times we get asked the question "Are these beautiful women real, and if so why can't they find a husband in their own country?". Yes indeed, they are real. With over 6,000 women displayed on our site, and more every week, all with summary letters (full letters available to our VIP customers), many of them scanned in the ladies original handwriting, lends proof to the fact that they  are real and do exist. The women realize that they can have a better life with a foreign man, and in many cases it is just too difficult to raise a family and have a secure future for their children in their home countries. Furthermore, for those of you who know us, we have been in business 10 years, it would be impossible for us to survive that long if we did not maintain the highest ethical standards. Many of our associates, who have worked with us, for years, still continue to refer their clients to us, because they know we will give them excellent service. A Pretty Woman is an agency dedicated to finding the most beautiful eligible Russian and Ukrainian women and other former Soviet countries, for marriage. Our main focus is searching these countries, for only the finest women.  These women are chosen for their beauty, sex appeal, education, charm, wit, sophistication, communication skills, intelligence, which all form part of our selection process.  These are serious women who are looking to marry and live with a man abroad. They have strong family values, appreciate a good man, and are not spoilt by Western society. They are willing to relocate to another country, for the right man that will love and marry them, and in most cases start a family. To most of these women, a big age difference, national origin and race, is a lesser factor when choosing a man, more important to them is his heart, his commitment to become a supportive, dedicated husband and family man.  We supply real contact information, home address, phone, fax, email address (where available).  It is our commitment to you, the customer to offer assistance, when requested, to help you succeed in your search for your soul mate.  With 10 years experience, we feel we can give you some good advice when starting out your search. When looking for a woman, be realistic and don't just set your heart on one woman. Correspond with several women, that will increase your chances, that is why we offer membership plans with huge discounts.  When contacting a woman, remember, as always in life, first impressions do count, your introductory letter is critical. Always send photos, and good photos taken by a professional photographer will improve your results. Keep your letters in an optimistic tone, not too long, and not too short. Use simple words as much as possible, remember, English is the lady's second language. Above all, be honest, and write about things that would be interesting to a woman that knows nothing about you.  Remember, you have chosen her out of 6,000 ladies, she does not have a choice of 6,000 men, but she does have a choice, and you want to be that chosen man, so impress her. “ Steve, like Elena, offers subscription based introductions and Russian tours.  Steve’s tours are packed with site seeing, socials, and a considerable amount of private time with one of the girls you met at the socials – this last being, from my opinion, is rather important as it gives you and the girl time to talk, get to know one another, and to have ‘special alone time’. In my next article, I will discuss the subscription method of finding someone that make your heart go beeba-beeb.