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18 things men hate about sex most


18 most common mistakes women make in sex

Here they are, 18 most common mistakes women make in sex. Men want you to learn about them.

Every man has a similar list of women's mistakes. If you show it to your men he will agree with some of the points and probably add some more. You may notice that some of the points seem to have no relation to sex at all. However, this is what puts the men off and makes you less attractive. That is why these points are as important as sexual complaints.

1.Men hate when women act as though they do not like sex.
2.Men do not like women who never show initiative in sex.
3.Men do not like women that do not know men's body.
4.Men do not like when women make them responsible for their orgasm.
5.Men do not like when women become sexual controllers in bed.
6.Sexual corpse. Men hate women that are insensitive in bed.
7.Sexual chatterer. Men hate women who talk too much in bed.
8.Men are irritated when a woman does not like her own body and depreciates herself.
9.Men hate women who are too obsessed with their looks.
10.Men hate women who do not like oral sex.
11.Men hate women who kiss insatiably.
12.Men do not like women who are too serious.
13.Men do not like women who are too affectionate and weak.
14.Men cannot stand stupid perfunctory women.
15.Men hate women who are worried only about men's financial status.
16.Men cannot stand women who use their sexuality to manipulate men.
17.Men hate when women tell them about their ex-lovers.
18.Men cannot stand women with disgusting underwear.

Afrodita Strogova


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