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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Proud owner of 100-dollar note has a wide choice of kinky pleasures to choose from

The ruble and the euro have been getting stronger against the almighty U.S. dollar for several years already. However, a 100-dollar note still remains a symbol of neither big nor small money. The note with Ben Franklin’s picture on it does make a fortune, of course, but its owner has a wide range of pleasures to choose from.

Being forbidden by law, prostitution will never end until commodity-money relations and monogamous families exist. There are three ways to break the prohibition of prostitution: to visit a massage parlor, pick up a girl in the street and place an order via catalogues or Internet. The last way is the safest one, although it more expensive - $100 limitation can give only one hour of pleasant communication.

Thus, those who are eager to violate the law quick-and-dirty should turn to suburban roads. With any luck $100 would be your entrance ticket to a whole night with two pretty women. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the women would be really pretty; they can turn out to be slaphappy women on the wrong side of thirty who just want to turn a penny after an exhausting workday at the market.

The rational way out is to visit one of the numerous erotic salons. Green note enables you to spend two hours with the girl in the separate room. The main thing about it is that you do not bring a stranger to your own house. This problem is especially topical if you have a wife and children.

Being a proud owner of $100, you should forget about doubtful back street clubs where an untidy security looks at you from under the brows and bandy-legged dancers clutch at the striptease pole in order not to fall down.

So, you are heading to an average nightclub. $100 would enable you to buy an entrance ticket, watch the general program which includes striptease, order one private dance in a separate room and drink beer or white coffee.

In the strict sense of the word ‘peepshow’ is a small box with a peephole through which a model can be seen. In the broad sense of the word it includes any kind of sexual actions observation without direct participation. You can buy the possibility to watch other people’s satisfaction twice with $100, if you are able to control your emotions on your own (especially for this purpose there are paper towels and a dustbin in the cabin).

You can save some money on the peepshow if you buy it along with the possibility to participate when the show ends. But then the whole package would hardly confine itself to one hundred dollars, you will have to fork out three thousand rubles for a show.

Sex on the phone was apparently invented by modern lazybones who were not eager to leave their sofas for a little adventure. But this pleasure is rather expensive: $100 will be enough to talk with a girl for only 20-30 minutes.

Subscription to porn sites is much more effective than sex on the phone from the price-result ratio point of view. One hundred dollars is enough to subscribe to half a year excusive porn materials and even e year or more ones if you are not very interested in the quality.

A hundred-dollar note can give you satisfaction in a sex shop. There is a good choice of different sex dolls and vibrators or, for those who like it hot, hand-made lashes and erotic Oriental beauty suits or just 150 condoms.

A swing-party. Here cut-throat gender discrimination reigns. The note will not help a single gentleman become a member of a decent swing club. The price would be at least $200. But if a man comes to the swing club with a woman, one hundred dollars will be quite enough.


Translated by Ksenia Sedyakina