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Sex is not the only way to obtain hormones of happiness

Some people can live without sex for many months. Others start climb up the wall after weekly abstinence and say that life is nothing without sex. Why is it so? Is it possible for human beings to replace sex with anything else?

Scientists say that sex launches powerful and diverse biochemical processes in a human body. Sex stimulates the production of hormones that give pleasure (dopamine) and lighten your mood (serotonin). An act of love also produces endorphins - so called hormones of happiness – that bring a human being into a state of euphoria during orgasm. Because of these psychotropic substances sex is considered to be the best antidepressant and tranquilizer.

Luckily, sex is no the only way for a human body to produce these hormones. Masturbation can also be a good way to relieve the sexual tension.

What can increase the level of serotonin? 

1. A special diet. Bread, bananas, chocolate, fig, sugar, milk, fat fish and broccoli contain tryptophan amino acid that raises your serotonin levels. 

2. Pleasant music. English psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic studied the way music influences serotonin levels in listeners’ blood. He even derived a formula: S (serotonin levels) = P (pitch of sound) + Pos (positive) + T (tone) + BPM (tempo) + I (pleasant associations). The Wake Up Boo! by Boo Radleys is considered to be the best serotonin-raising song. 

3. Draw yourself up. In 1994 scientists proved that a high social status and the feeling of pride raise serotonin levels considerably. Employers usually have more of these hormones than their employees do. The simplest way to arouse the feeling of pride and raise serotonin levels is to draw yourself up. Pride always associates with a good posture. That is why we feel more self-confident when standing straight up. 

4. Take a pill. If nothing listed above helps, you can raise your serotonin levels through medicine. Take 5-Hydroxytryptophan or Prozak that participate in the formation of hormones. Besides, alcohol can raise serotonin levels, although for a short period of time.

What can raise the level of dopamine? 

1. Eat with gusto. The presence of dopamine in blood increases immediately, when a hungry person starts eating. 

2.  Smoke a cigarette. If you smoke, you should know that nicotine contributes to dopamine production. 

3. Go shopping. In 1995 scientists from the University of Kentucky experimented with rats in order to discover the influence of shopping on women. It turned out that rats put in a new cage had more dopamine in blood – they really enjoyed the process. The quantity of hormone depends on the anticipation of buying not on the quantity of goods bought. 

4. Play something. It does not matter what you are going to occupy yourself with: cards, paintball or a TV quiz. The main thing is that there should be some prize.

What can raise the level of endorphin? 

1. Candies, especially chocolate. There is even a sort of chocolate in France – Sex Substitute. 

2. Opiates – heroin and morphine – are the most dangerous sex alternatives; one should not experiment with them. In addition, if the body receives endorphins externally, it stops to produce them. That is why a person may often suffer from depression if he or she stops taking a certain medication. 

3. Sport. You would get equal quantity of endorphins while doing sports or having sex. First of all it concerns bodybuilding and martial arts because of their maximal physical exercise. 

4. Stress. After a tense situation is settled, organism begins producing endorphins. Stress can be of quite different types: hard working, difficult computer games, hunting or even spanking. 

5. Art. Films, exhibitions, music or even your own creative work boosts the production of the hormone of happiness. 

6. Money. A female member of one of online forums posted a message once saying she would be is ready to reject sex if she would get money for each day of abstinence. Money can also excite euphoria. 

7. Laughter is an easy, cheap and safe way to get the happiness hormones.

Myths about sex benefits

Myth 1. Sex is the best sport; all muscles exercise.

Physical exercises train basic muscle groups, whereas tumbling in bed does not work every muscle out. Working out is much more effective than having sex.

Myth 2. Sex is the best way to lose weight. While having sex body mobilizes all its recourses: a great deal of calories burn up.

Sex can be quite different. You can loose plenty of calories when having extreme sex with a long foreplay. A quick intercourse burns about 15 calories. A similar amount of calories will be wasted while reading this article.

Myth 3. Female organism produces plenty of estrogen while making love. It subsequently result in shining hair and smooth, glowing skin.

On the one hand, it looks like truth. But on the other hand, makeup preparations produce the same effect. A woman that counts only on sex and takes no care of herself is sure to look terrible.


Translated by Ksenia Sedyakina

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