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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Some rich men can pay up to 500 dollars for sex with disfigured prostitutes

On the face of it, the situation looks pretty absurd. Women deprived of normal sexual or even human relations in their daily life often become the most expensive prostitutes. It is sad but true: wealthy men are ready and willing to pay thousands of dollars for sex with misshapen women. The malformations seem to make those ladies simply irresistible to moneybags. In New York, one of the world fashion centers, skinny models affected with anorexia leap from the catwalk straight into nabobs’ beds. Anorexic models are becoming increasingly popular with men who roll in money.

There are dozens of brothels dealing in former models who lost their jobs after losing too much weight. A night with an anorexic prostitute can cost up to $2,000. However, a customer may as well end up in jail should he literally bang to death an emaciated prostitute.

Sex with scary prostitutes is becoming a popular pastime for Japanese men. There are a number of brothels staffed with inmates whose faces and heads were badly marred by burns, bruises or congenital malformations like hydrocephalus (accumulation of serous fluid in the cranium, often leading to great enlargement of the head). “I’ve learned to see my disadvantages as advantages,” reads one of the messages posted by the 22-year-old Mimiko on a web forum frequented by local prostitutes. Mimiko was born with cleft palate or a fissure at the roof of the mouth due to failure of the two sides to fuse in embryonic development. “In the past, I couldn’t even imagine having any sort of full-blown sex life. Nowadays men wait in line to get my favors. More importantly, I’ve already saved up enough money to pay for surgery!” Mimiko writes in her message.

Males offer their own reasons to explain a penchant for such a quirky kind of sensual pleasure.

“I’m just fed up with those shapely ladies. They have sex with you as if they’re doing some kind of job. On the contrary, girls who have been out of luck in terms of sex can attend each customer in the best way possible, they never fake it, they make love with total candor and passion,” said Andrei. A diversity of cultural and ethnical characteristics adds color to the Russian market of weird sex. For instance, some women from southern republics of the former Soviet Union are in demand. Their sex appeal has nothing to do their attractive curves or impulsive temperament. Those women look somewhat hairy; they have excess bodily hair – a condition caused by increased levels of male sex hormones in the female body.

At times nature plays an ugly trick on women. As a result, hair starts to grow on their faces, breasts and backs. Some women can be totally devastated by this twist of nature; others use it to their advantage. A user known by the nickname Fatima obviously belongs to the latter category. Her revelations posted on the Internet sex forum read as follows: “Customers treat me like a soft furry toy which is made for touching and stroking. My services are available at $300-500 a night.” No wonder Fatima likens herself to a furry toy – she has a beard, and plenty of soft fluffy hair covering her body from top to toe. Her abnormal hairiness is caused by a rare congenital disorder. She used to live in Georgia, where sex was completely out of the question for her. But Fatima moved to Moscow, and things changed dramatically.

Candidate of Medical Science Alexander Poliyev, a sexologist, comments on the topic:

“Morbidophilia or sexual attraction to people with physical deformities is a sexual deviation which is not as rare as it may seem. As a rule, the condition affects adult males who dream of taking some steps to boost their self-reliance. They crave for emotional appreciation of their individuality. In many cases, they are quite successful in their walks of life; they are also well-read and physically attractive. On the other hand, they tend to be reclusive and experience communicative problems.

Even a woman who looks strikingly beautiful won’t arouse such a man sexually. I remember one of my patients who had a weakness for women whose legs were impaired in one way or another. The man looked handsome, and he was gainfully employed too. At one point he was romantically involved with a girl who had a malformed foot. Then he began dating a woman who walked with a bad limp. He ended up marrying an amputee.

This kind of deviation is quite innocuous. Moreover, a woman who was previously denied by every man in town could experience the joys of sex thanks to a morbidophiliac. Such men are normally passionate lovers; they would do their utmost trying to satisfy their sexual partners. Besides, they frequently marry their partners and remain faithful to them.”

Express Gazeta

Translated by Guerman Grachev