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Act of love can be much better with a shot of vodka

In some cases, sexologists recommend that their patients drink alcoholic beverages in small doses to unwind prior to having sex. Besides, blood is bound to “heat up” after a drink or two; alcohol can make the sex drive grow stronger and keep men from trouble of having premature ejaculation, thus prolonging sexual intercourse. However, things are likely to take a U-turn if you have too much of a drink. Your senses will be greatly inhibited, and your lovemaking capacity will be next to nix. All in all, there is no such thing a “pro-sex” drink or “anti-sex” drink. However, alcoholic beverages do vary in terms of their intoxicating characteristics. We will try to find out which of them are good for “getting in the mood” and which ones should be left uncorked on an amorous encounter.

Beer (4.5-6% alcohol by volume)

Back in Soviet times, beer was considered a typical male drink, which men would drink after work in some seedy beerhouse or near an ugly looking beer stall. The situation has changed dramatically since then. Dozens of new brands replaced such traditional Soviet-era favorites as Zhiguliovskoe or Yachmenny Kolos. The last fifteen years have seen a beer wave sweeping across the former Soviet Union. These days both males and females drink beer. But beer is not by any means a drink of choice for the romantically involved.

In short, blood may start circulating in the wrong places following the intake of a large amount of liquid, which brings about unpredictable changes in blood circulation. Besides, beer contains phytoestragens, which are very good at “fooling” the hormonal system. As a result, fewer testosterones are produced and the sex drive is at a low ebb. Moreover, beer is much worse for the human body than low-quality vodka is in terms of toxic effects, according to toxicology researchers who took part in a recent conference held in St. Petersburg. To sum it up, you may as well use beer for “heating it up” if you are not afraid of a misfire, labored breathing and/or an irresistible call of nature occurring when the moment is wrong.

Maximum allowable amount: 1 liter

Carbonated drinks with low alcohol content (9% alcohol by vol.)

The drinks under the category are made with alcohol, sodium benzoate, natural and artificial flavorings, and carbon dioxide. Those drinks are quickly absorbed, they take effect in no time, and they are removed from the body in a similar fashion. According to data released by St. Petersburg doctors, 20 out of 100 consumers of the above drinks will experience emotional disturbances, anxiety and uneasiness. The emotional problems can spoil your evening or bring out the animal side of your nature. “Rough sex” is one of the possible outcomes.

Maximum allowable amount: 0.5 liter

Sparkling wine (9.5-12% alcohol by vol.)

Aristocrats are said to drink champagne in the morning. A sip of champagne can put a little more spirit in your existence. Sparkling wine originated in France. Champagne is full of bubbles – that is why it is otherwise known as bubbly. In fact, the bubbles are made of carbon dioxide, which speeds up the process of absorption of alcohol. As a result, it does not take long for the champagne drinkers to feel pleasantly plastered. However, the effect does not last long.

Champagne is the best drink for a virgin who is about to lose her cherry, according to advice posted on numerous Russian web sites. However, consuming champagne to excess in the evening will invariably result in a very bad hangover on the morning after.

Maximum allowable amount: 300 milliliters

Wine (12-15% alcohol by vol.)

Bacchus and Amour have been hand in glove with each other since the time of ancient Greece. Wine was widely used as a good remedy for kindling the flame of desire, which often gave way to sexual orgies and Bacchanalia. The ancient traditions enjoyed popularity with several generations of the Russian students.

Wine is pleasant to taste; it contains lots of beneficial substances and vitamins. If consumed in moderation, wine can be an integral part of a pleasant evening that can smoothly evolve into a night to remember. On the downside, those who are affected with gastric ulcer, diabetes or predisposed to allergic reactions should steer clear of wine. Less beneficial substances lurking in a bottle of wine can cause labored breathing, weakness and an allergic rash. Even a healthy individual may experience an unpleasant burning feeling in the upper chest after drinking too much cheap red wine. Sex would not matter in the least to a man suffering from heartburn.

Maximum allowable amount: 200 milliliters of red wine; 300 milliliters of white wine

Vodka (40% alcohol by vol.)

There is not any romantic air about vodka. On the other hand, it is pure alcohol if we look at the drink from a pragmatic angle. High-quality vodka is free from foreign matter, and therefore it is unlikely to cause unpleasant physical aftereffects if consumed within the bounds of reason.

Vodka intoxicates you slower than carbonated drinks do. Likewise, it takes longer for you to feel sober after a vodka party. Please remember that vodka can punch your lights out pretty fast; there is a very fine line between jovial inebriation and heavy intoxication. Just a few people have a knack for walking the line without overstepping.

Maximum allowable amount: 100 grams

Brandy (40-42% alcohol by vol.)

Brandy is a spirit distilled from wine or the fermented juice of grapes. Brandy matures in oak casks. It is rich in substances which have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. A glass or two of brandy can relieve tension and fatigue. The taste and flavor of brandy can help warm you body and set you mind at rest, at least for a while. That is probably why sexologists recommend that their patients treat themselves to a glass of brandy prior to going to a bedroom.

Maximum allowable amount: 50-100 grams

We touched on the most general aspects of the use of alcoholic drinks prior to making love. People are different, and one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The same applies to the use of alcohol for romantic purposes. Some people would find the effects of alcohol highly invigorating and appropriate to the occasion, others would be greatly disappointed at not fulfilling their dreams because the booze got in the way. A good old proverb will surely help you keep things under control: “All things in moderation are good; whence, wine in moderation is good.”


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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