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Mutual attraction between museums and cats

Exhibit of cats is being conducted in composer Chaikovsky House – Museum in the town of Votkinsks.
There is some mutual attraction between museums and cats. Many famous museums, such as the Hermitage, devote their exhibits to cats on regular basis.  In Chaikovsy House-Museum every four years on February 29 paintings about cats are exhibited.

The current exhibit has the paintings by Votskinsk artists Irina Zorina and Vlada Kiselnikova.  Cat is a symbol of home comfort, and the exhibition creates strong impression of this comfort. Green petals of eyes, brush-shaped ears, traces of soft cat paws. First days of spring make one think about women, and they say that a woman originated from a cat. It is easy to believe in this because women and cats have much in common. A cat is gracious, magic and mysterious, she is soft, tender and devoted at home, but if you are rubbing her in a wrong way, she will become wild and will show you her sharp claws. She is used of being independent.

Indeed, cats and women are alike. One can think of this theory and understand the mystery of cat’s eyes at the exhibition.

Source: Muzei Rossii

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