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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Magazine sales depend greatly on their cover girls

People standing in front of a newsstand need just few seconds to decide what magazine or newspaper they will buy. Majority of us make decision to buy this or that judging by their covers. According to an opinion poll conducted by Forbes magazine for the first time in the history of popular magazines, Jennifer Aniston has become the leader among celebrities whose pictures on the cover make an edition a bestseller.

Forbes analyzed newsstand sales of six leading celebrity weeklies - People, Star, US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and OK! over six months of the year ending June 30. Then, it found out what celebrities were on the covers of issues that had fixed the highest newsstand sales. The information was compared with the results of a verbal survey to leave the random answer factor out.

As it turned out, magazines with Jennifer Aniston on their covers sold best of all. The actress earned the top spot and she also gathered a high appeal score of 36 thus ranking the second-most-liked cover subject after Sandra Bullock. At least once an edition with Aniston on the cover was sold at the rate of more than 5 million copies. According to editor in chief of Star magazine Candace Trunzo, consumers choose what they are going to buy based not on the name of a magazine but on its cover, and in case editors fail to draw readers in with interesting covers they lose the undecided portion of their audience.

The Star editor in chief is not at all surprised by the fact that Brad Pitt’s ex-wife scored the highest position. He says that people basically sympathized with her as with an actress who her husband abandoned for his co-star in a film.

Brad Pitt also fixed rather good results in newsstand sales. Two issues of Life & Style with his picture on the cover were the weekly first and third best-selling issues over the last six-month period. The fact just proves that the right man can shill tabloids.

If couples were counted on the list as entities then Pitt and Aniston together would have placed second while a couple of Pitt and Jolie would have landed four. In fact, the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together has earned the 44th position in the cover sales category.

Readers placed Reese Witherspoon on the fifth place in the rating while Carrie Underwood won the seventh position in the rating.

According to the poll results, Britney Spears has turned out to be the biggest disappointment at the newsstand. The singer’s photo appeared on 18 single covers during the six-month period, which also makes her the most popular cover-subject choice. With her face on the cover, glossies collectively sold some 600,000 issues below average, placing her last among cover subjects when it comes to sales


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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