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After Matrix 2: Reeves Gives Interview to Russian Newspaper

The actor doesn't quite like the film that made him super popular
Recently Russian newspapers published numerous exclusive, as they asserted, interviews with Keanu Reeves which the actor allegedly gave at the festival in Cannes. As it turns out, all of these publications were fabricated. Interviews of this kind were compiled on the basis of facts reported to a hundred of journalists at a press-conference. As for the author of this interview, everybody joked that the Matrix super hero would hardly agree to give an interview to a beginning journalist. But it worked and the journalist managed to get the interview.

After a press-conference dedicated to Matrix: Reloaded the security escorted journalists to the exit. Journalists in vain asked Reeves and Monica Bellucci to give autographs, but the security stopped any attempt to approach the actors. However, when the author of the interview gave her notebook to Keanu, he autographed her. The journalists decided to try her luck once again and followed Reeves to Croisette Boullevard overlooking the Bay of Cannes where the actors were to leave the prints of their hands on the boulevard plates. It was incredible but Keanu agreed to give an interview. At that he conditioned that there should be no photographs during the interview.

- I may sound tactless, please say if it is true that your father served his sentence for drug trafficking?

I don't care that many people call my father an old fox. He is the man who gave life to me; I always wanted to resemble him. It may be because my father took drugs that I started taking them too. To tell the truth, I visit my father without my mom's knowledge. Several times I even visited him in jail.

- Matrix made a super star of you. Do you like the film?

Frankly speaking, I don't quite like the film. I refused to act in Speed 2 as I don't like movies of this sort. They lack soul.

- Many of those who saw the film wonder why the hero refused to take a red sweet offered by an old lade before fighting with the Matrix agents Smiths.

When I gave up drugs, I preferred not to eat dubious things (he says the phrase laughingly). To be serious, I had to go without food when I acted in Matrix 2. It was a very difficult period: I worried about the health of my sister who has been suffering from leukemia for several years already and that is why I ate a lot. I immediately put on weight. The director said it was not Nutty Professor that he was shooting and demanded that I should keep to a diet. So, I had to drink different special cocktails and stopped eating a lot to lose flesh. Such problems even made me lose interest in having sex.

- Really? What is your attitude to sex?

Now I am very careful about sex. Recently my girlfriend got in a traffic accident being pregnant, and the baby died. We were awfully upset as we wanted to have the baby. Now I am anxious about Kate Moss; she acted in the second film being already pregnant. She had to perform difficult feats that might be dangerous for a pregnant woman.

- You know, it was rumored that Kate was pregnant with your baby.

Now I take different rumors easy. Ten years ago it was everywhere in the newspapers that I was a gay and had romances with all film directors to get a role in their films. It was even said that River Phoenix was my lover; we acted together in My Own Private Idaho.

In fact, he allowed me to live in his apartment when I parted with my girl. We had really funny time together; we had everything but sex! I think he was my best friend. 

- What do you like to do most of all?

I like to have fun. Many people won't believe it but it is so. Now I am reserved because of my sister and her disease. People familiar with the problem know what I mean. The only thing I want now is recovery of my sister. 

- You will be 40 next year. Do you plan to have a family of your own?

The age of 40 is quite enough. But what have I done by this time? I’ve lost my baby and now I'm losing my sister. Oh, I sound too gloomy. Certainly it would be nice to have a family. I think it is quite a problem to find a woman who would stand me with all these gloomy thoughts.

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