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Top 30 Most Talked-About Sex Scandals in 2009

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Top 30 Most Talked-About Sex Scandals in 2009

A Russian website compiled the rating of 30 most talked-about sex scandals of the year. They include a story of the legendary golf player Tiger Woods’ affairs, erotic adventures of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and the arrest of the famous director Roman Polanski for sexual contacts with a minor 30 years ago.

1. Tiger Woods’ sexual scandal was rated number one. According to the media, Woods had at least seven mistresses. According to unofficial information, Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren found out about his affairs, scratched the cheater’s face and chased him with a golf club. The sportsman tried to escape in his car, but lost control and ran over a fire hydrant and then crashed into a tree. The golf player was found semi-conscious. The media published the names of seven women who allegedly had love affairs with Woods.

2. Last year, the media discussed the affairs of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Recently, an Italian prostitute Patrizia D'Addario released new details of her affair with Berlusconi. The woman said that the official entertained himself with 20 prostitutes at a time. Berlusconi has been famous for his sexual scandals. He does not deny the fact that she uses sex-services, but claims that he never pays to prostitutes.

3. The arrest of a French director of Polish descent Roman Polanski in Switzerland became one of the biggest scandals of the year. The director is accused of a sexual contact with a minor back in 1977. Last week, the Court of Appeal of California denied a motion of the director’s lawyers to dismiss the case.

4. The paper gave No. 4 to a famous fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander who was sentenced to serve a life term in the US for numerous rapes of modes. The victims were females at the age range of 14 to 21 years old.

5. Fifth place was given to an indiscreet look given by American President Barack Obama to a 16-year old Brazilian Mayara Tavares. The loyal family man Obama was not accused of pedophilia or promiscuity, although the media mentioned that the look was very interested. Both Presidents of Brazil and France approved of the interest.

6. In March of 2009, former President of Israel Moshe Katsav was accused of rape and sexual harassment. According to the investigators, Katsav committed two rapes of his subordinate when he served as the Minister of Tourism. He is also accused of sexual harassment of two women who worked in the President’s office. The rapes took place in 1998. The court has not reached a verdict yet.

7. An indiscreet kiss interrupted the political career of Israel Prime Minister Haim Ramon, who lost everything because of his habit of demonstrating his passion towards women.

The scandal took off back in 2006. After a meeting in the Ramon’s Tel-Aviv office, a state employee asked Ramon to take a picture of her. Ramon agreed and kissed the lady . The victim filed a claim and an investigation was opened that resulted in an indictment. Ramon was found guilty in sexual harassment.

8. Fourth place was given to the arrest of swingers in Iran. Twelve couples and one bachelor were arrested on suspicion in organizing swingers’ meetings. Arrested swingers included state employees, high ranking officials and college professors.

9. Court of Saudi Arabia sentenced 22-year old employee of LBC Channel Rozanna Al Yami to 60 lashes. The journalist who was a producer in the Saudi office of the Lebanese TV channel LBC was charged with helping coordinate a talk show on a Lebanese channel featuring a Saudi man describing what appeared to be his active sex life. The court ruled that the woman should not have spread information about intimate life of Muslims.

10. Miss California Carrie Prejean lost her crown for a “homophobic” statement. Officially she lost her title because of systematic breach of contract. She failed to appear at the events she had to attend under her contract. The beauty queen herself has no doubts that she was humiliated because of her statement revealing her support of traditional relations between sexes.

Miss California lost her title in May, when her semi-nude picture appeared online. However, she was protected by a billionaire Donald Trump, and her crown was returned to her.

11. A thirty-seven-year-old British diplomat in Yekaterinburg James Hudson has resigned from his post after a video was discovered showing him having sex in a local brothel. Discussing the sex scandal, British media claimed that the video was ordered by the FBI either to blackmail Hudson or destroy Britain.

12. British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith had to officially apologize for her husband buying adult movies with the parliament’s money.

13. Many Russians were disappointed that the 19-year old Miss Russia Sofia Rudieva was not able to participate in international beauty pageants because of the scandal caused by her nude photos online.

14. A 30-year-old American adult film star Stormy Daniel was running for Senator in Louisiana. The winner of 30 porn Oscars openly stated that it would be better to let the remorseful sinner in the Senate than keep in the Senate those who have been sinning all life.

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