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Secret Revealed: Why Men Do Not Like Giving Gifts

Autumn has come, and this is the period when women particularly require care and attention from men
Which is the easiest way for men to express their love for women? They may give presents to demonstrate love and affection. This should not obligatory be expensive presents, but the ones presented from the bottom of men's hearts. Unfortunately, Russian men do not like to give presents for some unknown reason. Why?

Everybody knows women particularly love presents, but men are
traditionally not that enthusiastic about giving presents. This is what makes women particularly sad. To be honest, women treat presents as demonstration of men's real love. Even though it is generally admitted that love is non-material, but the majority of women dream of receiving gifts as confirmation of love. Some women dream of receiving flowers as presents, but others want to receive cars and apartments. As for me, I have never seen a man in my life who presented their sweethearts with luxurious cars or diamond necklaces. Unfortunately, it often happens that after a period of presenting flowers and sweets, boyfriends and husbands start thinking they do not need to give their women presents at all. This is not because these men are greedy, but because they think presents make no sense at all. They cannot even imagine how seriously mistaken they are!

There is a category of men who are tight with money and do not like giving gifts. When relations with women just start developing, they may invite their sweethearts to restaurants sometimes and then present flowers on the occasion of marriage. However, when they become married, they stop giving presents. A friend of mine has been married for ten years, but within the whole period of her married life her husband never gave her a single present. The husband calls all presents "petty bourgeoisie commonplace"; he never presents the wife with flowers as he says he cannot walk along the street with flowers and look stupid. What is more, this man persistently tells his wife that the family budget is not meant for such "senseless spending." The poor woman was putting up with the outrageous situation until she met a man who made her happy by giving presents on different occasions and without any occasion at all. As a result, the woman left her husband.

The husband of another friend of mine, Marina, courted her for four years; during the period he emptied all perfume stores of the city. The man bought only French perfume in large boxes. Marina had so many boxes with perfume that she had no idea when to use them. The man alternated perfumes with jewelry. One may think that the woman was extremely happy because of the presents, but the man's problem was his bad taste: he purchased expensive and shining things. He knew Marina did not love gold so he purchased silver jewelry: enormous silver bracelets with fianites and enormous earrings. When the woman came to the office she had to take off the shining jewelry and put them back only when she went home. Her fiance turned out to be rather persistent. Marina had few options when it came to finding a husband. That is why when the man made proposed to again she finally agreed. On the eve of the first family New Year celebration, the husband gave Marina a lot of money and said: "Finally, I do not need to spend much effort on finding presents. Go and buy everything you wish."  That hurt Marina as she believed that the presents represented care, fantasy and surprise. She said that even big sums of money would not compensate the emotion of receiving presents.

When I interviewed all friends about the best presents men ever gave them, almost half of them said flowers. Many said roses were the best. One of the girls said she had been once presented a bunch of 119 pink roses. Some of the girls also said they received stuffed toy animals as presents, gold rings and chains (there were just few girls who were lucky to receive gold jewelry). A girl named Alyona told a story about a nice present she had received from her boyfriend, a little porcelain dog. "That happened at the start of our relationship. My boyfriend and I were at a Chinese restaurant where small porcelain dogs were standing on the tables as stands for chop sticks. When we left the restaurant, the boyfriend suddenly asked me to stretch out one of my palms and put one of the small dogs on it. That was so wonderful. I think that never before or after I was given such a wonderful present. That was nice."
Presents given to women are the things that say a lot about the depth of affection of the man giving the present and about generosity of their souls. It is true that some women seek out rich men. A friend of mine loves to make her boyfriends give her expensive presents. Each time I meet her after a long interval, she shows me a new ring or chain presented by some of her boyfriends.

Presents do make wonders sometimes and can improve even the most hopeless situations. I would like to recommend men not to ask their women before holidays what kind of presents they want to receive. They should better use their imagination to find presents for sweethearts. This guarantees that your present will make women really happy.

Anna Sirota