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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rent apartment at Waldorf Towers for USD 100,000 a month

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been always on the go in the last several years. Aside from having to travel round the world to make movies, both Pitt and Jolie are no strangers to taking long-distance trips for other purposes. Jolie would set off on another charitable mission to some hot and arid country as Pitt would be away in New Orleans helping to rebuild the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina. No wonder it took them quite a while to pick a place to settle.

In August the media reported that the global pair had finally decided to settle in Berlin. Apparently, the pair had second thoughts about moving to Europe. Now Pitt and Jolie look set to making Manhattan their home, at least for the time being. According to recent reports, they are renting a super-deluxe penthouse apartment at the ritzy Waldorf Towers, which sits next to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on East 50th Street. A newly renovated and fully furbished luxury pad is within a stone’s throw of the United Nations, for which Jolie is a goodwill ambassador. Besides, it is a few steps away from a private school attended by the couple’s eldest child Maddox.

There should be plenty of room for Pitt and Jolie and their four kids in the new apartment whose total area is approximately 6,000 square foot. The apartment features five bedrooms, six baths, a dining area, and a terrace with a terrific view. The residents can enjoy a variety of perks including room service, twice-daily maid service plus round-the-clock security. The Waldorf Towers security personnel have repeatedly proven their efficiency when it comes to scaring paparazzi off the Towers’ celebrity guests including leaders of the free world and members of the royalty, The New York Post reports.

The famous couple has to pay a pretty penny - $100,000 a month – for renting their luxury pad at the Waldorf Towers. The apartment chosen by Pitt and Jolie is the most expensive one among 30 penthouse apartments at the residence. “It’s actually grander than the Towers’ Presidential Suite,” one broker said.

On the downside, Pitt may find it a bit tough to forgo his casual clothes in exchange for living at the Waldorf Towers. The star has a penchant for T-shirts and jeans. He may have to occasionally refrain from wearing them because the Towers has a “dress attire” that forbids guests to wear “T-shirts, tank tops, faded jeans, cut-offs and casual hats” in its main lobby, restaurants or other public areas.

Meanwhile, Pitt has been worried about Jolie’s health of late. The media has been reporting about the actress’ significant weight loss over the last several months. According to reports, Jolie weights only 109 pounds these days, and she keeps shedding pounds.

Sources say Jolie has been taking medications to boost her vitality. But the medications do not seem to work well. Aside from losing her weight, the actress is reportedly getting increasingly disenchanted with her family too. Pitt has to take care of his ailing wife and their children, RIA Novosti reports.

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