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Vekselberg does not come close…

One Russian collector acquired two original paintings of Peter Paul Ruben (Flemish painter of the Baroque era) in the countries of Western Europe.

The two canvases “Union of Earth and Water” and “Worship of the Magi” were exhibited at the Ministry of Culture February 18th. According to the head of the department of preservation of cultural artifacts Anatoly Vilkov, “it is thanks to the Ministry of Culture that we were able to purchase and transport the paintings to Russia in the first place.”

Up until recently, stated Vilkov, owners of cultural artifacts were required to pay 30% of the total cost of an artwork at the customs before entering Russia. Starting January 1, Russian collectors will no longer have to bear such burden. A representative from the Ministry of Culture has also mentioned that “the new law applies only to those artifacts acquired for personal collections, not for sale,” reports ITAR-TASS.

“It is necessary to register the purchase at the department of preservation of cultural artifacts, which in turn carefully monitors all rarities on the Russian territory, whether in museums or in private collections,” remarked Vilkov.  


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