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Gidson's film edifies lost souls

One of the most controversial films of the past year directed by Mel Gibson “The Passion of the Christ” appears to be not so after all.

The film is capable of edifying even the most ingrained criminal, aside from simply advocating anti-Semitic moods and putting viewers' lives at risk. 

Someone by the name of James Anderson, who has been in hiding for the past three years after committing a crime, finally decided to confess his sins and surrender after watching Gibson's recent film of the past hours of Jesus' life.

The criminal later explained to the police that it was Gibson's work that made him give up in the first place. Apparently, Anderson had robbed a bank in November in 2001 in Florida, in Palm Beach Garden. While everyone in the bank at gunpoint, he had taken out $25 000 from the cash register and quickly escaped. Anderson had been hiding from police for several years, traveling from city to city.

When asked to comment his actions, Anderson replied that he simply experienced sudden urge to get cleansed after watching Mel Gibson's epic “The Passion of the Christ”.

Skeptical policemen however were not moved by such naпve story. According to them, the criminal does not seem to be sincere. As it turned out, the bandit has run out of money, he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that he hopes to receive free medical care. In addition, Anderson got tired of living in his truck in a constant fear.     

Lidya Chereshkina