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Hermitage in times of the Blockade of Leningrad

A memorable exposition entitled “Life of Hermitage in times of the Blockade” located at the third bomb shelter has opened on Monday.

Director of the museum Mikhail Petrovsky stated that Hermitage's war history had become “a symbol of the indestructible nature of our culture. Hermitage had been struggling for life in the blockaded Leningrad and in distant Sverdlovsk.”

The exposition attempts to recreate the genuine atmosphere of war times, when a museum armchair had been placed right next to a simple metal bed and magnificent ancient books had decorated shabby wooden tables. The exhibition also contains copies of various important documents and decrees pertaining to Hermitage. One can observe diaries and written accounts of those times as well as several artworks of Blockade artists. In addition, visitors can a look at a sculpture depicting a group of 25 figures entitled “People of the Blockade”.

One of the main aspects of the exhibition involves a public viewing of newsreels of the days of the Blockade followed by a distinctive soundtrack. An educational center of the Hermitage museum has also designed a special multimedia program “Hermitage in the Blockade”. Museum's scientific library displays a collection of books dedicated to the museum's heroism. The exhibition will be working until February 8th.

Source: Rosbalt

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