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Montserrat Caballe's Best Friend To Live in Trailer For Three Months

Well-known Russian singer Nikolay Baskov becomes a TV host

The presentation of the television project Dom (House) of the Russian TNT channel took place in Moscow's Dell Opera restaurant on June 18th. Sunflowers and little white rabbits were brought especially for the event to create the atmosphere of a village. The new television show will be launched on July 1st, but it is already clear that it will have a high rating: a homeless man and two pensioners missed several buses at a bus stop, as they were watching the presentation at the open verandah of the restaurant.

Roman Petrenko, TNT's director general told reporters about the intrigues of he real show Dom. He said that the show would be hosted by well-known Russian singer Nikolay Baskov. "It was not an easy choice for us to make. There were several mandatory requirements for the host: he or she was supposed to be on the top ten list of Russia's most popular people, a person was supposed to be young, interesting, and a candidacy was not supposed to be involved in competing channels," the director general said.

Nikolay Baskov is the best friend of Montserrat Caballe. He was not present at the party, there was a smiling cardboard Baskov there instead. According to the contract, the participation in the television project stipulates no concert or touring activities for three months. That is why, Nikolay Baskov is currently touring Spain to use his days before the show is launched.

To calm down Nikolay Baskov's fans, Roman Petrenko showed the trailer of the new show. The tape showed green meadows along the Istra river seven kilometers far from Moscow. Nikolay Baskov was standing there wearing a snow-white tailcoat. Like all other 12 Russian families that have gathered from all over Russia to participate in the show, the popular singer will be living in a comfortable trailer outfitted with video cameras. The essence of the show is as follows: families will be building a house for themselves under the guidance of an architect. Everyone in the community of 12 families will have their own obligations: to lay bricks, to wash clothes, to cook dinner, and so on and so forth. A working day will start at 8 a.m. and will be over at 8:00 p.m. A refusal to work will be punished. One family will have to quit the game in four weeks, and then someone will have to leave the show every week. During the final stage of the show, two families will struggle for the prize - an 8 million ruble-worth house. TV viewers will determine the final winner.

Families (married couples, pensioners and so on) will have very nice leisure for three months: artists, musicians and even gypsies will be a great relief after a day of hard work. Everyone is free to come and see the show - there will be a free access to the shooting area. The show will be aired on the TNT channel daily at 9:00 p.m.

On the photo: Nikolay Baskov

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