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Bizarre Man Claims To Run for Presidency

The new "candidate" is a member of the Universal Academy of Peace, Kindness and Love

Posad Vselennovich Drevarkh Prosvetlenny (this is the new real name of the man) is intended to run for presidency at the presidential election of 2004. Posad Vselennovich publicly announced his decision several days ago, during the meeting of the Arkhangelsk regional election committee, our correspondent who was present at the meeting said.

The man with a very strange name appeared at the meeting wearing his casual clothes: a ragged overall and a knapsack. He was holding a flowerpot in his hands as a symbol of his soul. The regional election committee has already rejected Drevarkh's registration for the parliamentary elections on the 61st single-mandate region: the man did not submit registration documents on time. Drevarkh Prosvetlenny started a discussion with Sergey Bessert, the committee's chairman. After numerous requests not to disturb the meeting, Posad Vselennovich claimed his intention to run for presidency. The statement was made on the way out of the conference room. Since he was deprived of the right to attend election committee's meetings, Drevarkh Prosvetlenny left his soul - a flowerpot - in the room to be updated on the news.

The man's real name is Andrey Valentinovich Khristoforov (the new name is Posad Vselennovich Drevarkh Prosvetlenny). He was born on December 4th 1964 in the city of Arkhangelsk. He graduated from the secondary school and the nautical school. Then he studied at the Arkhangelsk Regional Institute of Education and became a psychologist. He wrote the degree work titled "Psychological peculiarities of leadership to organize a new public movement." He is a member of the Universal Academy of Peace, Kindness and Love. In connection with the change of his world outlook, he changed his entire name in March of the current year. He obtained the new birth certificate and the new passport. He lives according to the principles: "Build your own house, raise your own child and plant your own tree." He is divorced, the father of two: 12-year-old daughter and three-year-old son.

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