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Tube-shaped ear

The right ear of carpenter Victor Stepanov can roll up as a tube and be in this position independently of the man’s will.
”My ear has been rolling up since I was a child, and I can do nothing about it”, says Victor. “But I take no offence because any company welcomes me because of my weird ear”.

The good-humored carpenter tries to unroll his ear before the camera, but fails. “It does not want to obey me!”

Stepanov’s left ear never rolls up, it is like an ear of every person. 

”When I was younger, I used to perform some tricks on the stage, and my ear helped me to make the audience laugh. My ear helped me to meet my wife, she was amused with it, but later loved me because of some other parts of my body, and due to my intellect, of course”.

Victor Stepanovich has two sons: Alexei and Roman. They do not perform tricks and roll up their ears, but are optimistic and cheerful like their father.

”If I hadn’t had this amazing ear, I’d have grown up a dull person. Luckily, I have a different life: study new tricks, enjoy people. Not for money, just for fun, Stepanov says, and with these words his ear rolls up as an envelope.


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