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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Foreign men can manipulate and cheat Russian brides too

It is a typical situation today when Russian girls no longer want to date and marry Russian men and seek marriage with foreigners whom they hope to find with the help of the Internet. Russian girl Natasha Ivanova from the city of Voronezh surfed dating websites in search of good male candidates for starting a happy family life. Once she came across a file registered by a man who named himself Dmitry. Natasha liked the man’s photo and his motto saying that though he had everything he at the same time had no one by his side to make this person happy and share his wealth with. The girl decided to send a message to the man as she found him very attractive. In return the young man told that he had a private house and owned business in London where he lived. The new details made the man even more attractive for Natasha. She willingly started romantic correspondence with Dmitry. Very soon the man said he was planning to come to the city where Natasha lived, to Voronezh.

Indeed, one evening Dmitry knocked at Natasha’s door with a bottle of champagne and chocolate in his hands. The girl was pleased with the man’s readiness to help her cook meals and with his manner to shower compliments on her. Dmitry spent that first night in Natasha’s apartment. All the time the young people spent together Dmitry helped Natasha about the house, told her about his parents, friends and the dog he left in London.

Now Natasha says with a shade of sadness that Dmitry treated her like no other men had ever treated her before. She liked his manners and care. Dmitry said that he wanted to be together with Natasha till end of his life. In a little while Dmitry started complaining that he had some financial problems. He suddenly found out that his bank had not transferred money to his account, at that he could not get through to his friends who as he explained could help him solve his financial problems.

Being so depressed with the money problem Dmitry several times requested Natasha to raise a bank loan. At first the girl took a 10,000 ruble loan ($400) in the bank but Dmitry went into hysteric as he thought the sum was ridiculously small. He blamed the girl for lack of confidence in him and cried she must trust him if she planned to have a family and children with him.

In a week after the scandal Natasha had an unexpected telephone call from Svetlana, a girl whom Dmitry abandoned when started dating Natasha. As it turned out, Svetlana also had fallen victim of his tricks connected with money and bank loans.

Svetlana Melnik, 25, from the Moscow Region got acquainted with Dmitry thanks to a friend of hers who said that “some good guy had no place to spend a night”. As a result, Dmitry lived in Svetlana’s apartment for two months, the period during which he artfully tricked the girl into taking bank loans to the sum of 90,000 rubles (over $3,500). As soon as the man got the money he vanished. When Svetlana realized that Dmitry escaped with the money she immediately rushed to the computer to check the websites that Dmitry had surfed and the correspondence that the man actively maintained with other people. Svetlana was shocked when Dmitry’s mail box revealed that he had virtual romance with one hundred of girls living in various places of Russia!

The girl noticed that correspondence with Natasha from Voronezh had been the most recent and most active one. There were 400 messages sent to the other girl and received from her. Svetlana read the correspondence and found Natasha’s phone number.

The girl hesitated for a long time before she finally called Natasha. She thought that she must warn the other girl of troubles that Dmitry could cause her.

The shocking news made Natasha tremble. She at first hoped the bad story was just slander invented by Dmitry’s ex-partner to break their love. But later she still decided to go to the police and make inquiries about Dmitry.

The police said that Dmitry was an inveterate swindler on the federal wanted list. She learnt that the man had been jailed for forgery of documents. When released Dmitry started cheating unsuspecting girls into taking bank loans for him. Moscow and several other cities of Russia were in the focus of his concerns.

For the time being five girls who fell victims of Dmitry’s cheating have already informed the police of it. Investigation is sure that the man managed to cheat much more girls who did not dare come to the police. Dmitry will face a five-year imprisonment for the swindle. In case more girls complain of similar cheating that Dmitry committed to them the man will face a longer imprisonment.

Natasha says it would be good for other girls cheated by Dmitry to report their incidents to the police. She swears off seek more partners on the Internet as she does not believe that she may find a normal man there.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Maria Gousseva