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Many Muscovites have bank accounts, but are not aware of Internet trading

33.5 percent of the Muscovites working for private companies, have personal bank accounts: 89 percent of them have accounts in Russian banks, 15 percent have accounts in foreign banks, 4.9 percent have accounts both in Russian and foreign banks.
73.7 percent of those surveyed have their bank accounts in Russian roubles, 32.2 percent keep their money in US dollars and 14.8percent in Euros. Only 5 percent of the surveyed keep their money on multi-curency accounts.

Muscovites also use some alternative forms accumulating their savings: 19 percent invest money in real estate, 7.2 percent have company shares, 1.l8 percent prefers shares of investment foundations and about 1.5 percent possess gold bars.
One of the initiators of the survey, NetTrader wrote, “If we exclude out of the 7.2 percent of shareholders those holding shares since the time of privatization, we will have only 2 per cent of “real” shareholders, and most of them manage their assets via the Internet. Meanwhile, 8.1 percent of those surveyed do not know what Internet trading is about”.

The survey revealed some more interesting facts. 30 percent of the surveyed earning more than $700 per month, hold 51 percent of all the bank accounts, their activities are not limited to banks, they constitute 70 percent of investment foundations shareholders and 50 percent of owners of gold bars and metal accounts.

”The survey was initiated by “Marketing. Work with customers” Forum, and was conducted due to the enthusiasm of Forum members. This is a perspective project, and soon all the people interested in the research results will be able to see it on special board”, said Mikhail Lapushinsky, director of Bankir. Ru project.

Yaroslav Vakhitov, NetTrader
Special for PRAVDA.RU


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