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Werewolf serves the community

Werewolf serves the community

Leonid Kliuchevskiy of Perm announced that he belongs to the ancient clan of werewolves. All men in his family are covered in grey fur and have a green mark on the cheek. In order to avoid physiological changes Kliuchevskiy became a police officer.

Leonid found out about his ancestry at his father’s funeral. His great-grandmother insisted that the deceased man’s heel cord be cut and his mouth and nose be stuffed with coins. She later explained to the surprised grandson that the procedure was necessary or else the werewolf could become a vampire.

Leonid’s father struggled with the family curse all of his life. During the full moon nights he drank gall to escape the mutations. “During those days he would become very aggressive, his eyes would glow in the dark and his voice resembled an animal’s roar,” Kliuchevskiy recalls, “Later the same started happening with my older brother.”

The older brother took care of the nervous anxiety and remained composed by participating in sparring and ultimate fighting. As for Leonid, he began experiencing the curse’s symptoms when he was a teenager.

“It is hard to describe my experience,” he tells, “Right before the full moon I get terrible headaches and feel aggressive and anxious. My facial features sharpen, my body becomes covered in light grey fuzz, my fingers turn crooked and my perception of smells and sounds dramatically increases. I begin feeling like an animal!”

Following his brother’s example Leonid applied for security guard’s position and then began working in the police department. He constantly takes part in strength contests but the most difficult struggle is the one within.

Werewolves are commonly known for their demonic service but in the Slavic mythology as opposed to the European one werewolves originally were positive characters who served gods and not demons.

According to Vladimir Kon, physics specialist of abnormal phenomena, this is the first such case he has encountered. However, the specialist says that the family curse could have a scientific explanation.

“Throughout human history there existed individuals with physiological deviations, some of whom were tremendously gifted,” Kon explains, “Sometimes these deviations are passed down from generation to generation. The reason could be a glitch in the person’s genetic system. Leonid could have preserved the instincts of our ancestors that manifest themselves during certain moon phases.”

It is not uncommon for human health and behavior to be affected by the moon. There is evidence that epilepsy, somnambulism and other psychiatric patterns get triggered during the full moon phase.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya


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