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Russian police officer becomes Robocop

Russian police officer becomes Robocop

Doctors save 56-year-old man as they connect his smashed bones with the help of 22 steel screws.

Police officer Vyacheslav Pravilo found himself on a hospital bed as a result of a terrible car accident. The man was driving his little Oka car when he slammed into a truck and then ricocheted into a Zhiguli car.

“I am thankful to God and doctors that I stayed alive! I was speechless when doctors told me that I would be able to walk after what happened to me! It is a miracle! When I saw my blood-stained legs and a bone that was sticking out of my arm, I realized that I would be a disabled individual at worst,” the man said.

The man was hospitalized in severe condition to a hospital in Rostov.

“We found three serious fractures – in the left forearm, in the left thigh and in the right heel bone. We recreated all the bones with the help of steel crews,” surgeon Alexander Kovalenko said.

The medics jokingly refer to their patient as a “Robocop.”

The first surgery was performed on Vyacheslav’s thigh. The surgeons fixed the smashed bones with the help of 12 steel screws and a 20-cm-long steel plate. Afterwards, they reassembled the smashed forearm, reports.

“We had to manually assembly the bone of his arm. We fixed everything with six screws and installed the Elizarov apparatus,” the surgeon said.


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