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X-ray man sees microbes without microscope

X-ray man sees microbes without microscope

Sergei Lisechko, 49, is from the Ukraine. In the past he used to be a military pilot. Now he is a psychic. Sergei rents a small office in the dilapidated house that is about to be demolished. Decayed floor and leaking ceiling are hidden by black hangings, icons and dim light. It is there that Lisechko receives patients and cures diseases. Amazingly enough, there are crowds of people in front of the office door.

Sergei Lisechko is a former military pilot. For several years he served in Afghanistan. Then he left the army and started searching for his place in life. The man met several psychics in Dnepropetrovsk, the Ukraine, that said he would cure people later on.

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Lisechko believed them and soon headed for Moscow, where he tried to enter special course under Traditional Medicine Research Center. There he had to pass 2 tests. In the first one he was taken several medical glasses with molecules of different diseases on them. They were wrapped in cardboard. He was to identify the illnesses by just touching glass. The future psychic didn’t respond to clear glasses and correctly identified glass with oncological and venereal diseases. Sergei explains that cancer cells shed cold and venereal cells prick.

The second test was as hard. He was shown 10 blue and red pieces of cardboard that were soon turned over. Lisechko was asked to divide them into 2 groups according to the color. He identified wrong just 3 pieces.

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Then he won in different competitions as the best psychic in disease diagnostics. He sees person’s health with the help of a balance-wheel and biolocational frame. This is an L –form metal bar put on the wooden stick. It revolves fast in psychics’ hands. When ordinary people hold it, it, however, still revolves, but only a little bit. The frame, says Lisechko, is not a non-living object. It demands friendly attitude and care. Only then it helps to establish contact with space. It is the space that gives Sergei information about each of his clients.

One of the journalists, that visited this psychic, was told she had chronic fatigue syndrome. She was prescribed a lot of medicines and further treatment, which, of course, required additional money. However, doctors in hospital later on assured the woman she was absolutely fine. The woman as a journalist had the right not to pay Lisechko anything, but loads of ordinary people, in hope for cure, do. ‘Money is not important; it’s an alms-deed’, - says Sergei.


Translated by Lena Ksandinova


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