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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Young student saves little girl from rapist with the help of jujitsu

In Yekaterinburg a student saved a girl from rape as he detected a rapist in the act. The young man managed to neutralize the pedophile and deliver him to the police.

The young man is a second-year student of the Humanitarian University of Yekaterinburg. Prosecutor of the local Office of the Public Prosecutor sent an application to the university to express gratitude to the man, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper said. The student, named as Yegeny Ivin, proved to be too shy to tell the story even to his parents.

According to the young man, he was on his way home at about 3:00 p.m. He got off a train at his station and took a long way home to spend some time in the open air, the ITAR-TASS reports. Hardly had he crossed railway tracks when he witnessed a terrible picture.

“I saw a man lying on the ground and a little girl underneath him. Her clothes were pulled up, she was naked from the waist down,” recalls Yevgeny.

According to the boy, by that time the child seemed to be unable to resist the man any longer, and she did not even cry. The pedophile could not see the student running up behind him. When the girl noticed her savior, she started crying. The rapist looked back and he took to his heels holding his pants.

The young man helped the girl to get up and after he ascertained that she was fine, he started chasing the pedophile.

According to Yevgeny, he caught up with the pervert very quickly. The man attempted to fight first, but the pedophile’s stronger constitution did not help him: the young man appeared to hold a black belt in jujitsu.

Yevgeny knocked down the maniac several times, afterwards the man tried to buy off. “I would not even listen to him, and I beat him again,” the student said.

Meanwhile, the crying girl ran up to Yevgeny and asked him to take her underwear way from the pedophile who he had hidden them in his pocket. “I felt a great pity for her,” the young man concluded.

Finally, Yevgeny contrived to call the attention of the train driver when a locomotive was passing by. The driver called the police on the radio set.

The pedophile turned out to be a 42-year-old citizen of Yekaterinburg. The police are now investigating whether he is linked to other similar crimes.

A similar case occurred in the city of Samara in August of 2007. A grandmother managed to save her grandchild from a pedophile beating the pervert with a bunch of keys. The maniac had enticed the child into the cellar by promising him a very tasty stick ice-cream bar and was going to abuse him.

The last high-profile case when the suspected pedophile was detected in the act was a murder in St.Petersburg. After a great number of reports about disappearing children and catching possible pedophiles the police arrested Alexander Kuznetsov, a 30-year-old boxer, who had beaten the suspected pervert to death (read full story here).

Kuznetsov committed the murder on New Year’s night. According to Kuznetsov, he went out with his adopted son to fire off crackers. While the man was dressing up, the child disappeared somewhere.

After an hour of search the stepfather found the naked child locked in the arms of a pedophile. When he saw the pervert with his pants down, Kuznetsov lost control over himself. The suspected pedophile, born in 1987, came from Uzbekistan. He was beaten to death by the boxer.

Translated by JUlia Bulygina