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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Largest and most luxurious private island available for 100.000 million dollars

Buying an island somewhere far from the center of civilization has become one of the most popular trends in the world of the rich. The high-end status of this kind of real estate has been shattered with the arrival of relatively cheap objects on the market. A unique lot has recently been put up on sale – the largest and the most expensive private island that has ever appeared on the world market of real estate, RBC Style reports.

Ronde Island (over 100 hectares) in the Caribbean Basin has been evaluated in the sum of 100 million dollars. Real estate agents representing this land on the world market say that it is isolated from the world and untouched by civilization. The ocean surrounding the island is rich with stunning coral-encrusted canyons and drop-offs. There is even an underwater cave nearby for those going in for diving, says. 

The development potential of the island is enormous, experts say. It is possible to make more than a billion dollars on it investing in the construction of private villas for their subsequent sale.

Privately owned islands exist all over the world. There are thousands of deserted islands in the world with the potential for commercial development of either elite tourist resorts or private use. Some islands are available in their original form whereas others may have roads and houses on them. Many celebrities own their own islands too, for example Diana Ross, Claudia Schiffer, Mel Gibson, David Copperfield, Johnny Depp and many others.

Prepared by Dmitry Sudakov