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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Bad Romance Helps Foreigner Stay Unemployed in Moscow for One Year

A 39-year old Armenian male, Vagram Khachatryan, was arrested in downtown Moscow. According to the police, the foreigner managed to live for an entire year in Moscow being unemployed. The criminal lived on the money of women he seduced and robbed. He would never meet his victims again

“The cunning seducer, who gained his riches at the expense of women, was arrested by the police in Kitai-Gorod district of Moscow,” said Alexander Pasechny, the head of the district investigative department. The man would meet young women, give them a few compliments and then immediately propose. While women were collecting themselves, shocked by the proposal, the thief would get into their pockets and purses. If a woman was fooled, the criminal would take her to a downtown café to tell her more about him. The couple would come to the café, looking like people in love who dropped in for a cup of coffee. The police watched two surveillance recordings from the café where two victims were robbed.

“Vagram was very courteous with his victims. He would help them to a table, give them their purse, make an order and sit next to them gently hugging them by their shoulders. A conversation would never be long. He would suddenly get up and leave without paying. Later, the potential bride would have to pay the bill, but would find out that there was no wallet or cell phone in her purse. Personnel of the café would call the police for the girls.

Fortunately, the “ex-groom” was arrested not far from the café where he was getting ready to become a “groom” for his next romantically inclined victim.

The police found out that two female Muscovites became victims of the charming thief. They lost their belongings in the same café within a week. During an interrogation, the victims indicated that the arrested was indeed the criminal they suffered from. During the search of the suspect, the police found the items that belonged to the victims.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

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