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Was Stalin worse or better than Truman and Roosevelt?

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Fierce disputes about the interpretation of events and actions committed by  various individuals in our history never stop. Who was a tyrant and who was a benefactor? Who deserves monuments in their honor and who should be blamed of all deadly sins? Our writer Alexander Shirokorad encourages opponents to at least stop manipulating and adjusting facts in their pseudo-scientific concepts.

Was Stalin worse or better than Truman and Roosevelt?. 49695.jpeg

Look at the creepy photo: children - prisoners of the Gulag. The inscription on the wooden board above them reads: "Those who talk through the wire will be killed." The caption says: "Russia, the successor of the Soviet system. Collective Gulag." This is disgusting.

But then there was a wicked Stalinist, who published the photo in full. It turned out that the upper part of the inscription on the wooden board was written in the Finnish language. The children on the photos are prisoners of the Gulag indeed, but it was a Finnish camp, namely the 6th Finnish concentration camp in Petrozavodsk. During the occupation of the Soviet Karelia by the Finns, there were seven camps built in the city of Petrozavodsk for local Russian-speaking residents. Camp No. 6 held 7,000 people. The photo in question was taken after the Soviet troops liberated Petrozavodsk on June 28, 1944.

This picture was presented as part of the evidence at Nuremberg war crimes trials.

Was Stalin worse or better than Truman and Roosevelt?. 49696.jpeg

The girl, who is second right from the column, is Claudia Nyuppieva. Many years later that moment, she published her memoirs: "I remember how people would faint from heat in the so-called bathhouse and then they would pour cold water on them. I remember the disinfection of barracks, after which there was buzzing in the ears. Many had nose bleeds."

Another photo depicts a mountain of human corpses. Caption: "Victims of the Gulag." Alas, that photo was also featured at Nuremberg. This is a photo of Klooge camp in Estonia.

What is this? Separate errors? No. Russian liberal anti-Stalinists have been trying to convince Russian people for half a century already that concentration camps were invented by Stalin. Just take a look at the media on the Internet and pay attention to the adjectives used with word combination "concentration camp." Eighty percent of such occurrences will be - "Stalin concentration camps" and 20 percent - "Hitler concentration camps." Well, the British, Polish, Finnish, American and other concentration camps are no mentioned at all - no references. They can probably be found in special literature with a circulation of 100-500 copies.

However, it is the "enlightened sailors" who are considered to be the pioneers of death camps. In 1900, the British tried to drive all civilians Boers into camps (descendants of Dutch settlers). I am stressing it out - women and children only. They sent all the men to concentration camps on the island of St. Helena and to India. As many as 4,000 women and 22,000 children were killed in concentration camps in only two years. That does not seem a lot compared to 3 million of Gulag prisoners.

However, these three million victims died during 70 years in the 180-million-strong country. The British destroyed one-sixth of the Boer women and children in two years. I give most minimal numbers here. According to other sources, there were 30-40 thousand women and children killed.

Americans destroyed over 90% of Indians in the XIX century, whereas the British exterminated more than 90% of Aboriginal people in Australia. On the island of Tasmania, the size of which is equal to the Moscow and Vladimir regions combined, colonial troops and white settlers were scouring the territory for 40  years, killing all local residents, including women and children. By the time the world saw the birth of Joseph Dzhugashvili (Stalin), all the natives had been killed in Tasmania to the last one of them!

During World War II, the basic strategy of England and the United States was the killing of women and children. While Russians and Germans were fighting near Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk and Kiev, the Anglo-Americans were systematically destroying German women and children. Huge amounts of money were spent on the construction of thousands of huge strategic bombers that leveled dozens of German cities, but were not very effective in operations against tanks and infantry.

In Dresden alone, in February of 1945, the Allies killed more than 250,000 civilians in three days. There were no defense factories in the city was not. The entire anti-aircraft artillery was sent to the Eastern Front - Soviet tanks were 70 km far from Dresden. 

Surprisingly, Western propagandists hold Stalin responsible for killing 250,000 women and children in Dresden. Stalin supposedly persuaded Churchill in Yalta to bomb the city. Churchill allegedly tried to resist, he cried, but in the end could not stand the pressure of the Kremlin dictator.

In fact, with the destruction of Dresden, the British prime minister wanted to frighten "Uncle Joe" before the Yalta Conference. The weather turned out to be not the best, and the city was destroyed after the end of the conference.

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