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Milla Jovovich opens foundation for disabled children in Ukraine

”I am a strong Ukrainian girl, that is why I work a lot”

World-famous Hollywood movie star and model Milla Jovovich participated in the press conference devoted to the 80th anniversary of the international children's resort town of Artek, in Ukraine's Crimea.

Milla Jovovich, the star of “The Fifth Element” and numerous makeup TV commercials, visited Ukraine within the scope of her activity to establish a charitable foundation to help Ukrainian children, disabled children in particular. The first donation, which Milla Jovovich made, was evaluated at $80,000.

According to the actress, the foundation will work with a variety of charity programs to support children during their vacations in the international resort camp of Artek, talented children, and “to help all Ukrainian children in general” as she said.

Jovovich set out a hope that the first donation, which she made to her foundation, would be growing and that the money would be spent appropriately. The actress said that she would like Artek to become a perfect vacation place for disabled children.

Milla Jovovich sincerely enjoyed and highly evaluated the festive show to celebrate 80 years of the resort camp situated on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. “I have not seen many of such shows even in America. It was like in space. We could only cry and rejoice,” said she.

Jovovich said that she would love to play a part in a Ukrainian film, although she would have to analyze everything meticulously before she could make her final choice. “I am a strong Ukrainian girl, that is why I work a lot,” said Milla Jovovich. The actress added that she enjoyed reading and playing guitar during her spare time.

Visiting Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the Hollywood star purchased traditional Ukrainian souvenirs and evinced absolutely no interest in souvenirs connected with the notorious “orange revolution” in Ukraine.

Milla Jovovich visited Ukraine with her mother, actress Galina Loginova, who emigrated from the USSR with her husband and daughter in 1980. “My mother and I are going to attend celebrations in Artek indeed,” Milla Jovovich said before her visit to Ukraine. “I have heard so many things about this huge resort camp, but I have never been there, so now I have a good reason to visit it,” the actress said. “I have never been to Kiev since my early childhood. I would like to see my fatherland beautiful, rich and happy,” said she.

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