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Russian Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby

Russian Woman Gives Birth to Giant Baby

Russian woman, Svetlana Tagantseva, 28, a resident of the city of Samara, gave birth to a very large baby. The newborn, who looks like a six-month-old boy, weighs 6.75 kilos (15 lbs). The baby boy is 62 cm tall.

Doctors of a local maternity hospital say that they have never seen such a large newborn in their entire life.

“He looks like he is six months old already! He can hardly fit into the beds in the newborn department here. Other kids that lie next to him are so tiny in comparison to him,” doctors say smiling.

The tubby boy is the third child for Svetlana. Her first two babies were not small either. Her first-born weight 4,200 grams, and her second – 5,250 grams.

Medics were carefully observing the mother during pregnancy. The baby was developing normally, and they had no concerns about the health of the mother and the child. However, they were used to nursing tiny premature babies. Nine babies under one kilogram were born at the hospital last year – all of them survived.

Svetlana Tagantseva gave birth through Cesarean section. The mother and her baby are fine. Doctors said that a natural birth for such a large baby was practically impossible. The baby would have broken mother’s bones if he had been born naturally.

Komsomolskaya Pravda


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