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Ukrainian nationalists in Canada bring children cake with swear word on it

Ukrainian nationalists in Canada bring children cake with swear word on it. 53042.jpeg

The Russian-speaking community of Canada was outraged with an act committed by Ukrainian nationalists, who came to the Children's Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.

The nationalists brought a cake decorated with swear words on top. Many of them have taken part in anti-Russian actions before, including during the Victory Day. In this regard, activists decided to write an open letter to the president of the Ukrainian community in Manitoba, "to condemn the outrageous act."

According to posts on social networks, on June 20, a group of Ukrainian-speaking nationals came to the territory of the Russian children's educational center in Winnipeg, Canada. The hooligans filmed their act on video, which they subsequently deleted. However, the video was preserved and distributed on the net. The nationalists came to the children's center in Winnipeg to express their discontent with Russian President Putin. The words written on top of the cake were taken from the obscene song, which was previously used in public by then-Acting Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia, who was subsequently fired from the post. 

In the video, many recognized the individuals, who on May 10, 2014, attempted to disrupt a rally in honor of Victory Day in the heart of Winnipeg. The hooligans were seen waving Ukrainian flags, shouting obscene slogans and snatching flowers from the hands of the people participating in the festive procession.

In connection with the incident at the children's center in Winnipeg, activists prepared an appeal to the President of the Ukrainian community in Manitoba, Oksana Bondarchuk. They intend to draw attention of Canadian citizens to the problem.

"The Ukrainian nationalists stepped on the private territory illegally. Specifically, they entered the school, where children were staying. This suggests that the Ukrainian nationalists do not comply with the laws, nor do they care about the safety of children. A children's school is not a place for political protests," the activists wrote. 

The letter also said that "this small group of nationalists makes their actions on behalf of the Ukrainian community," which, according to Statistics Canada, in 2011 made up approximately 1,251,170 people.

At the end of the letter, the activists wrote that they, as Russian-speaking citizens of Canada, feel jeopardized in their own country: "We want to live in the belief that our children will not be harassed at school." 

Canada was the first, after the U.S., to introduce sanctions against Russia. The Canadian leadership has been displaying aggression against Russia for two reasons: the influence of the USA and the Ukrainian diaspora. "In Canada, there are conservatives in power, who always follow the U.S. policy and always have close friendship, including in foreign political events. The second factor is related to internal affairs of Canada. There is a large Ukrainian diaspora in the country - more than one million people. For comparison, the Ukrainian diaspora in Russia counts 1.9 million people, according to the 2010 census, and it has a strong political influence in the parliament," Vasily Sokolov, the head of the Canadian Department at the Institute for the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences told Pravda.Ru.



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