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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Woman finds bag of 300,000 euros and returns everything to owner

A woman from the Myshkin District of Russia’s Yaroslavl Region, Svetlana Bachurina, has gone down in history as an honest person who rejected the find amounting to 300,000 euros. The woman is now a legend and celebrity in her native place.

The woman earns the living for herself and the family making various figures of mice and selling them to tourists in the town of Myshkin (the name of the place is consonant with the Russian word ‘mysh’ meaning ‘mouse’ which explains why figures of mice are so popular there), several kilometers from the village where the woman lives. This has been Svetlana’s everyday occupation for several years already. In winter, the toys sell badly, but Svetlana still has to spend all days long out in the cold weather offering them to tourists visiting the place. The woman often takes her dog out to accompany her. One day the dog was running about the bushes. When the dog finally got out and appeared in front of the woman, it was carrying a big parcel in its teeth. When the woman looked inside of the bag, her jaw dropped with amazement. She saw thick packs of euros - 300,000 euros in total - and documents in the bag. The woman dialed one of the telephone numbers she found among the business cards inside of the parcel. As it turned out, the money belonged to a well-to-do Muscovite. The man was astonished with Svetlana’s honesty. He offered her a good reward but the woman refused to take it. “I am not rich at all, but still I don’t want somebody else’s money,” Svetlana said.

Svetlana told her husband and children about the incident just after the owner of the parcel got it back. She said she did not want to tempt the family. The family was never comfortably off: the husband lives by odd-jobbing in a town many kilometers away from home, one of the three sons works as a cook, the second one serves in the army and the youngest boy is a sixth-grader. God knows what they would say if they knew that their mother came across a huge sum of money and wanted to give it back to the owner. Some of Svetlana’s acquaintances criticize her for the good doing and say the money would have helped the family leada happy life. Others support her opinion and say that this easy money will never bring luck. Svetlana says that now her heart is quiet and she knows that she will be able to earn the money she needs.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Maria Gousseva