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Author`s name Michael Simpson

Gangster Smuggled His Sperm to Become Father

Criminal outwitted the well-regulated system
Regina Granato calls her daughter a miracle baby. "I've been touched by an angel," she says.  Some may giggle at the phrase suggestively. Regina's relatives share the feelings of the happy mother.

The matter of the fact is that Regina is the wife of Kevin Granato, an inmate at the Allenwood Federal Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. The criminal belonged to New York's notorious Colombo organized crime family. Kevin has been serving time in Allenwood since the early 1990s. Kevin Granato was convicted of a string of mob-related crimes involving racketeering, extortion, assault and drug trafficking.

As per rules for all federal prisoners, Kevin Granato hasn't been allowed conjugal visits with his wife. But Granato outwitted the American well-regulated system: he managed to give birth to his baby still remaining in prison. He sent a dose of his sperm to the wife. Investigators think he might have placed the scandalous smuggled sperm inside of a football that the criminal then threw over the prison wall. Granato's friends received the ball on the other side of the wall and delivered it to Regina. The woman immediately went to her doctor as he really wanted to become a mother.
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