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Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russian Lada to compete with BMW and Alfa Romeo

Russian Bears Motorsport team is getting ready to take part in the coming round of World Touring Car Championship that is to take place on May 16-18 in Spain. Russians are to compete on 2 Lada 1106 cars. The first tests of these vehicles took place in Holland on Zandvoort highway. They were ridden by Viktor Shapovalov and Yaaap Van Lagen.

The cars have the modernized carosserie of Lada-10 model, built by the company ‘AvtoVaz’. Under the carosserie there is a 280 horse power 2-liter gasoline engine made by German Opel. Chevrolet Lacetti cars, that already took part in this championship, are also equipped with such engines.

Lada cars will be tested officially in the town of Osershleben in Germany. The members of the Russian Bears Motorsport team hope to get in top 3. Not to mention that almost all of the previous championships were won by BMW and Alfa Romeo.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova